Poinsettia, The Red Christmas Flower & How You Care For It

Christmas is near, and it’s time to get yourselves ready for the festivities. This year hasn’t exactly gone how we’d have liked, so it’s only right that we enjoy the winter break and spend it with the ones we love. When it comes to the decoration and aspects around Christmas, there are all kinds of special facets and artifacts that signify special meanings. One of those that many people may not know about is the Poinsettia – or the Christmas Flower. This beautiful plant goes perfectly with the entire season and tops off as tremendous Christmas décor. Let’s quickly run through a little more if you’re interested in understanding some more details regarding this wonderful creation.

What Exactly Is The Poinsettia?

Known also as the Nochebuena (The Good Night) flower, the poinsettia is a bright and beautiful plant that lights up any area it is placed within. Typically, red, pink, or white, the Poinsettia flower’s association with Christmas derives from an old Mexican legend about a young child with little to his name. They gathered small weeds from the side of the road and placed them at the church altar on Christmas Eve. What people witnessed that day was a miracle as the weeds turned into these beautiful bright flowers.

The meaning behind the flower is that of purity. They’re meant to symbolize good cheer and success while bringing wishes of mirth, positivity, and celebration. They’re to be brought up for wonderful occasions such as Christmas and cause nothing but joy. They have only a few negative effects but should be completely harmless in the grand scheme. For instance, when consumed, the most they’ll do is cause mild irritation and nausea. Diarrhea and vomiting have been noted in a few cases, but those are few and far between.

How Should You Care For Them?

When it comes to taking good care of the beautiful Christmas plants, you need to know first where to get them from – or, more specifically, the kinds of places to get them. You’ll want to buy your poinsettia from a reputable store such as a well-respected florist or garden center. They’ll be able to keep them in the best possible conditions so as to keep the lifespan at a healthier number. Check the poinsettia’s compost before buying if you ever get the chance. It should be the perfect mix between wet and dry – not too extreme on either side. Be sure to protect it from the wind and cold while transporting it to your home.

When it’s home, remember to keep it in a bright, warm spot. Do not keep it in direct sunlight or near drafts – this means keeping it away from windows and fireplaces if you can. If you want them to sit in a vase, be sure to cut the bracts and dip the cut end in warm water for five seconds. Afterward, immediately place them in cold water. Once that’s done, you should be ready to arrange however you like. All of these stages shouldn’t be too much hassle for you as you look to take care of them, but do be careful.

How Long Do They Typically Last?

Their lifespan obviously depends on how well you take care of them. On average, however, they should last around four to six weeks until they slowly start to give way and fall. If you don’t take care properly, then they’ll obviously spend a few weeks on this earth. Remember to keep them insulated in a warm home but kept away from direct heat. There needs to be a nice balance when it comes to how they’re treated.

Where Might I Find Some?

Poinsettias are native to Mexico, as we have mentioned previously. They will be found in the wild in deciduous tropical forests along the Pacific coast of Mexico. They can also be found in the seasonally dry forests of Guererro and in Oaxaca. Those are the initial locations, however. Luckily, they can now be found in more accessible parts of the world!

You can, of course, head to your local garden center or florist and ask if they’ll have a few in stock. You can also look online for particular deliveries and customize your poinsettias to however you’d like.

What Do They Go Best With?

When it comes to the Christmas flower designs and Christmas flower arrangements, you can come up with all kinds of different assortments. Of course, they look marvelous on a Christmas tree as they really compliment the greenery and the rest of the sparkling accessories. They also really go well in a snowy environment as the contrasting colors make them stand out and look even healthier.

Find all your Christmas and holiday décor at Flowerama of Springfield where we serve our local Springfield, MO community with the freshest and most beautiful flower designs and arrangements!

How to Celebrate A Long-Distance Thanksgiving

Family is everything. This feels especially true when it comes to the holidays. With 2020 being the year of much unprecedented time apart, a long-distance Thanksgiving is among one of the most impactful events. Keep the celebration going with gratitude and these tips, even if it is at a distance.

No matter the distance, family is always connected. We understand how difficult it is to feel connected, especially during 2020 and all-things COVID-19. That’s why we came up with a couple of different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving even when you are celebrating Thanksgiving long-distance.

Socially Distant Celebrations

Although 2020 provided a ton of roadblocks in many people’s paths, technology is helping to bridge many gaps. Having a socially distant Thanksgiving celebration may take on many forms. For some, it is a smaller guest list, spread out seating or an outdoor gathering.

For others, they may not have the luxury to even be socially distant because they live so far apart. Being near and dear to their loved ones must be worked out another way.

Making the most of long-distance Thanksgivings is all about bridging the gap- no matter what that entails. Regardless if you are 20 miles apart or 200, being confined in your home for the holidays and away from loved ones is no easy matter. The holidays are an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones we may not get to otherwise see.

Connecting long distance for the holidays has us feeling more disconnected than ever. The one plus of life in 2020 is having technological advancements as easy access tools.

It makes socially distant or long-distance celebrations a little more tolerable. If you are one of the many people searching for the best ways on how to celebrate Thanksgiving long-distance, consider your options.

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to make things better, so if a long-distance Thanksgiving or holiday season is the path to be taken, let us help make it the best it can be with tips for Thanksgiving planning long distance.

Virtual Cooking

No holiday is the same without a good meal. It just won’t be Thanksgiving. Long-distance holidays are on the horizon. It is something that has to be considered, as they are approaching quickly. Among the most asked question involves meal prep. Understand that prepping a long-distance Thanksgiving meal may look different for everyone.

We all have that one person in our life that we connect with like no other. Imagining going through the holidays without them may be hard to comprehend. It may be that your mom always cooks holiday meals, or your dad is the life of the celebration. Perhaps your grandparents have always hosted during the holidays, and the year 2020 is making all those realities turn into impossibilities.

Virtual meal prep is one way those traditions can stay practiced even this year. Sure, they may look different, but it is something.

It is often said that the ways to someone’s heart is through their stomach. With the holidays having food as their focal point, one way to stay together is to cook together regardless of guidelines. We aren’t saying to ignore CDC guidelines. We are encouraging you to get creative while staying safe.

Cook the same meal together or have the traditional Thanksgiving host (whomever that may be) host a Zoom Thanksgiving cooking session. Through making the dishes in this virtual way for your home or for you immediate Thanksgiving guest list, you’ll get to keep some normalcy in your 2020 Thanksgiving.

This session could involve solely family or keep your Friendsgiving celebrations thriving. This virtual Thanksgiving celebration lets everyone enjoy their traditional dishes and keeps everyone spending the holiday together in a not-so-traditional way.

Virtual Thanksgiving get-togethers aren’t limited to just cooking the dishes. After it is made, have your Thanksgiving dinner together over a virtual platform such as Skype or Microsoft Teams. Knowing that the people you love are there, in whatever capacity it is, will keep things feeling more intimate.

Thanksgiving Food Done for You

Sometimes, technology and virtual cooking sessions aren’t feasible. Sometimes, limitations just get in the way. There are still some options for those long-distance Thanksgivings.

This list of 20+ Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving will make long-distance Thanksgivings a little simpler.

For those meeting their loved ones halfway for the holidays, any of these places are options for a hot meal and a common destination. If you are living solo and traveling home to family isn’t an option this Thanksgiving, consider these carryout or catering options. Regardless of the reason, take comfort in knowing there are restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

If this is your option of choice for Thanksgiving 2020. Be sure to book your meals or reservations in advance to ensure dinner is served without any unneeded stress or anxiety when it comes to availability.

Whatever it is that you have to do to remain close to long-distance family during Thanksgiving, do it! This year has been nothing short of complicated. Do whatever you can to simplify things for you and your family this holiday season. Don’t be closed off or avoid trying something new because virtual get-togethers are a reality of 2020.

Gifts to Stay Connected

Sure, the meal is an important component of the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, but there are other ways to stay connected with long-distance family members this year. The Thanksgiving holiday is focused on gratitude and is a jumpstart to the season of giving, so, of course, gift delivery is another feasible option.

Sending gifts for Thanksgiving is a fun and thoughtful way of making those long-distance celebrations more intimate. These gifts may include (but are not limited to) a basket of treats, a personalized photo album or even a silly gag gift to lift spirits. Gift delivery is something special to consider when looking for how to celebrate Thanksgiving during Covid.

Our team of gift specialists (i.e. florists) at Flowerama of Springfield serving areas around Springfield, MO are here to help connect loved ones and bridge the gap no matter the distance. Whether that is an assorted gift basket of goodies, a Thanksgiving or holiday centerpiece or a personalized flower bouquet, we will work with you to create something that sends a message of unity and love.

Long-distance Thanksgivings are the last thing most of us want, but it is important to seize the day and work with the cards we are dealt with. May this year of uncertainty be a reminder to us all to cherish the moments we are given and go the distance for the people we love. Time is fleeting, but no good deed goes unnoticed.

Our team wishes you lots of love, gratitude and peace for Thanksgiving 2020 and the remaining holiday season.

Funeral Flowers and Their Meanings

There is more to sending flowers than the initial act. Have you ever asked yourself, “What do different types of funeral flowers mean?”

Different types of funeral flowers have all sorts of different meanings, but the act of giving flowers conveys purpose in and of itself. This meaning varies depending on the intended purpose and the flower species you choose. This is especially relevant to funeral flowers and their meanings. Consult with professional local florists for best-expressed meaning and design for any life event.

TOP Funeral Flowers (Based on Appearance)

Visually speaking, there are several floral varieties that are most popularly chosen, based on their appearance, for sympathy flower designs.

Tulips are one visually appeasing flower that is uniquely popular to show sympathy. They draw in the eye to bring comfort in a different sense. They are bright like the sun- delivering encouragement that sparks warm feelings. Although they have beautiful meanings, tulips are often chosen as sympathy flowers due to their bright exterior.

The rose is by far one of the most popular flowers all around for all types of occasions. It has a pleasant scent and is quite captivating in a visual sense. When having doubts about choosing a floral type, roses are a great choice. Diversify the meaning of sending sympathy roses by focusing on the color rose you choose. If you are sending roses or incorporating them into funeral flowers, white and crimson are good options- conveying reverence, innocence, or denote grief and sorrow.

Orchids are another visually beautiful and widely loved flower that doubles as a sympathy flower go to. An orchid’s meaning is steady across all events and even in sympathy designs. It says, “I will always love you.” That meaning impacts in the same way across all flower designs. This makes choosing orchids a no brainer for any important life event.

Some people prefer to focus on the overall look of their flowers- for any occasion. Understandably so, as the visual aspect of flowers is normally the priority on people’s minds. However, when it comes to funeral flowers, it is important to factor in etiquette. For many cultures, not all flowers are created equal.

TOP Funeral Flowers (Based on Meaning)

There is one sympathy flower that surpasses in all capacities when it comes to its popularity. The lily is the go-to flower for funerals and has a very distinct aroma. Its look is reserved yet elegant, and its meaning is reverent and beautiful. It suggests that the soul of the person passed has returned to a peaceful state of innocence, and in the Christian faith, some believe that the Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered in lilies.

Similar in species and nearly as popular is the peace lily plant. It is a symbol of innocence and rebirth for the departed soul to a better place. The plant is long-lasting and can be sent (and appreciated) anywhere- from an office, to a home, to the service.

Chrysanthemums are another popular sympathy flower. They are both full of beauty and meaning. Interestingly enough- chrysanthemums are used solely as funeral flowers or to be placed on graves in many European countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Croatia. The white mum is symbolic of grief in China, Japan and Korea, while the U.S. accepts and uses the mums in a variety of capacities.

Choosing the Right Funeral Flowers

Your local florist will be well informed on funeral flower etiquette. Unlike most life events, funeral flowers are hardly ever ordered in advance. However, your local florists should be well acquainted with the funeral homes in your area. They are bound to have much of the information you need even before you think of getting it.

If it is possible, it is best to get as much of the funeral and family information you can ahead of time, so you will be able to communicate the personal touches that you are looking for. Your local florist is there to help accommodate, especially during such hard times.

Who Sends What Based on Relationship

If you are an immediate family member, the most appropriate funeral flower style is a casket spray or a wreath. Be sure to communicate with other members of the immediate family to ensure there is no confusion on who is getting what. If you are still uncertain, talk with your local florist, as you all could be using the same one. If so, they can help coordinate.

Extended family members- it is best to send a standing spray or an informal arrangement when choosing funeral or sympathy flowers. A casket spray is best left to immediate family.

If you are a friend, coworker or acquaintance of the departed, consider sending a flowering plant, a basket or a vase arrangement. If you know specific details about the family’s floral preference or know specific details about the person that has passed, communicate that to your florist. They are there to help create something beautiful and meaningful.

Determine the Details

From what different types of funeral flowers mean to what color flowers are proper for a funeral, if you are completely uncertain as to what is appropriate or which funeral flowers and their meaning is most appropriate, don’t stress. You are far from alone.

Types of funeral flowers and funeral flower meanings are two specifics that a person wants to be the least familiar with, as they are associated with hard and often devastating times. Your florist understands the sensitivity that comes with giving or sending funeral flowers. Let us help bear the burden.

Finding those more specific details for sympathy flowers, such as fall funeral flowers’ meaning, can fall on your preferred local florist. While the look of your funeral flowers is very important, it is equally, if not even more important, to send the flowers that are most proper.

Let our team of experts at Flowerama of Springfield serving areas around Springfield, MO be there to make sure that the sympathy flowers you are sending are a beautiful representation of how you feel.

How to Decorate Your Home for Fall in 4 Easy Steps

Fall is the season for sweatshirts, nights by the fire and pumpkin spice everything. It is well-loved among many as it falls between the dog days of summer and bone-chilling winter nights. This season gives moderate temps that live among the best of both worlds.

Whether you recognize the season by the crisp, cool air or the overwhelming sight of Ugg boots and leggings, fall carries a wide array of icons that make it easily recognized by all. Whether you are soaking in the last days of summer or have already planned your Halloween costume, it is never too soon to start planning and transitioning your fall home décor.

How to Decorate Your Home for Fall in 4 Easy Steps

A home should be a safe space. It should be filled with warmth, comfort and beautiful memories. Changing your home décor with the seasons can pose a challenge. However, it can be an effective way to make a house feel more like a home, and in these uncertain times where home is the new “hangout,” changing things up will be more rewarding than inconvenient.

You can make decorating with the seasons a little easier on yourself this fall through the art of reusing and recycling decor. For the seasoned home decorators, this may be old news to you. Your craft closet and decorations are packed tight and alphabetized, but for those new to seasonal decorating, this is your chance to shine.

Who knows? Maybe veterans in home décor will learn something new too.

Step 1: Reuse and Recycle

Work smarter not harder. Decorating for each season can be made easier when you focus on décor that can be repurposed and reused. Seasonal décor should be something versatile and easily alternated. Keep the colors standard to avoid clashing, as color is important, but we will cover that later.

Mason jars are one example of interchangeable seasonal home decor. They are very simple but easily used and reused throughout seasons. They can be a part of a table setting or can be used as vases or as small accents in design. Fill the jars with faux berries and pumpkins for easy fall decor. They can be stationary at table place settings as a visual, and the items inside them can be removed and changed out as the seasons come and go.

Candles are another easy fall décor option. They are scented as a reflection of the season and can be put away until the following year with no issues. If you aren’t one for seasonal fragrances, stick with your favorite scent and pull out your seasonal candle holders to make it festive. Candle holders are easily stored, reused and add that extra fun touch for in seasonal decor. They make figuring out how to decorate your home for fall (or any season) simple.

Find some of your favorite seasonal scents, plugins and holders at Bath & Body Works® .

Step 2: Embrace Fall Icons

If you are looking for picture-perfect fall décor, you’ll need to embrace the season’s icons. No matter the base style of your home fall décor, you must embrace fall icons to truly tie in the overall look of your space.

Pumpkins, squirrels, leaves, sunflowers, apples and owls are among the most used icons in fall décor. They can be incorporated in many ways, and there is no one way to do it. Buy a couple of fall throw pillows. Head to your local craft store to get supplies to make a DIY fall wreath and/or invest in your favorite fall knickknacks for some extra emphasis on your fall home décor.

Step 3: Choose a Color Scheme

Color is important when it comes design because it is significant to the human mind. It evokes creativity and ideas, expresses messages, draws interest and generates emotions that are psychologically connected to a person’s reaction to color.

To no surprise- like many things- each season is associated with a different set of colors. This is important to understand when looking for décor options for each season. The most popular colors to consider for fall decor are red, yellow, light brown, dark brown, gold, burgundy, purple and olive green.

These colors should be considered and factored in when purchasing fall décor. They can be utilized in the icons you are using. Bows and ribbons can easily dress up the previously mentioned “reusable” décor for each season.

If you are looking to be a seasonal home decorator but don’t want to break the bank, start buying décor a year in advance. For instance, summer is wrapping up. Buy summer décor now and store it away. It will be heavily discounted.

Adding in the season’s primary colors can make all décor more interesting and relevant. This doesn’t just apply to the icons you pick or the bows and ribbons you choose to incorporate. It is most beautifully incorporated into your fall flower décor.

Step 4: Fall Flower Decor

This is our area of expertise: FLOWERS. However, in order to design flowers properly, you need to have an idea of what looks visually appealing. That is why working with your local florist when decorating your home with fall décor is so ideal.

Fall flower décor is interchangeable. Fall icons can be easily added in though the vase you choose, the ribbon that styles it or even throughout the fall flower arrangement. Your overall fall color scheme is made simple, as in-season blooms will draw appeal.

Look for flowers that embrace fall’s color. Orange, brown and purple are ideal shades. Talk with your local florist about availability with your preferred florals. We recommend chrysanthemums, pansies, celosia, aster and dianthus as blooms of discussion.

Fall flower décor isn’t just popular for its look. It also ties in nature. With fall being the season so loved for its envied temps, taking nature into your home with fall flower décor is your way of truly understanding and completing your fall home décor.

Fall in love with your home décor this autumn. Tis’ the season for embracing beauty and all that entails, loving in all capacities and packing away all the worries and uncertainties of 2020. Most importantly, fall is about embracing the moments that fill our hearts- many of which happen in our homes.

Embrace the comfy nature of the season. Make your fall décor undeniably you, your family and be sure it focuses on making your house feel like home. Our florists at Flowerama of Springfield serving areas around Springfield, MO are here to create the flower arrangements that tie in your fall home décor.

While the season of fall is known for many things, the natural aspects of the season are its most prominent feature. A personally designed flower arrangement full of in-season blooms may be the final touch you need to truly complete your fall décor.

Spook Them with Flowers: The Best Flower Gifts for Halloween

Flowers are not the only items your local flower shop stocks for Halloween. There is an entire range of seasonal and Halloween-inspired vases, accessories and planters that make perfect Halloween gifts. We assembled a list of a few options that may be available at your local flower shop.

Halloween Themed Vases

There are a wide range of seasonal and Halloween-inspired vases available during the months leading up to Halloween. You may find containers and vases that are in the shape of normal skulls or even the Day of the Dead or Sugar skulls. There are pumpkin-shaped vases in different sizes available at almost every flower shop. Seasonal containers and vases are some of the most sought-after Halloween and fall gifts for gardeners and plant connoisseurs.

Halloween Gift Baskets

What’s better than a gift basket? An ornate gift basket decorated with flowers and Halloween accessories makes a gift basket eye-catching and magnificent. The basket will accommodate Halloween treats along with a small vase or a planter to hold the seasonal flowers and greenery. Including a wine bottle with your gift basket will be the icing on the cake for wine lovers. Hiding an unexpected gift in the basket as a surprise will be an absolute delight for the recipient.

Halloween Bouquets

Bouquets with spooky or ghostly flower arrangements are in demand during Halloween. This is a safe Halloween gift for adults you may not know well or who may not enjoy the typical Halloween treats. One can never go wrong with a bouquet if the flower arrangement is appropriate for the occasion.

There are multiple options available. You can choose an orange flower bouquet that matches the color of the pumpkin, or you can select dark-hued flowers to make it look spooky. Florists often offer themed flower arrangements for Halloween that may be ghostly, spooky, monster-themed, etc.

For those who may not be as into the spooky side of the holiday, there are quite a few autumn-themed flower arrangements available. As old fashioned as it might seem, bringing a bouquet and a bottle of wine is still one of the classiest ways to turn up to a party.

Flower Tiaras or Crowns

Again, a classic gifting option. A tiara or crown made with fresh, autumn flowers is a delightful gift, especially if you have nieces, daughters, cousins, etc. who are still girls or young women. A flower crown is like a page from a storybook come alive.

There are no real rules when it comes to flower crowns and arrangements for Halloween. You can opt for orange and rust-colored flowers to match the color of the pumpkin or flowers with a gothic feel like black roses or purple tulips. Flower crowns and tiaras can also come in handy for quite a few trick-or-treating costumes.

Lightweight Halloween Containers and Vases

Containers and vases that are lightweight and durable are the perfect gift for flower-loving people who have kids or pets. Ask your local florist to suggest containers and vases made of materials that are lightweight, easy to clean and almost unbreakable.

If someone loves flowers but may live in a home where containers and vases could get broken, the newer container designs made of sturdy materials often look as good as their breakable counterparts without being as delicate or easily broken.


How many people have you seen gifting planters to one another on Halloween? Even though there are multiple options available, it’s still one of the unique options when it comes to Halloween gifts.

If someone is hosting a Halloween party, the gift of a Halloween planter with some seasonal stems will make you stand out. Other than the usual skull-shaped and pumpkin-shaped planters, there are options available in a plethora of other spooky designs. Useful, aesthetically pleasing and occasion-appropriate, a Halloween planter makes a fun and easy gift.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, a small planter with fresh, seasonal flowers is a memorable gift for guests.

Halloween Plants

For people who want to give a gift that is more lasting, plants are a wonderful option. For Halloween, the plant’s container can reflect the spirit of the spooky holiday.

Air plants are increasingly popular for many occasions, so consider an air plant in a Halloween container. It will not require much care and will add a splash of color and life to any home for this season and beyond.

Some plants have a naturally spooky appearance. Availability of certain plants may vary according to where you live and what the environment in the home is like. Consult with your local florist to select the appropriate plant. You will be glad you did as plants in the home can help maintain the oxygen and humidity levels, reduce toxins in the air and lift your mood. What could be a better gift for Halloween or any other festive occasion?

The Right Flowers for Halloween

For a flower with a true Halloween spirit and hue, look no further than the chrysanthemum. They really capture the spirit of the holiday. The potted variety will last throughout the season as it is their time to bloom.

Chrysanthemums are available in many colors and sizes. The spider mums are an absolute hit for a Halloween flower arrangement. Put in a few roses and carnations, and you’ve got yourself a unique spooky-looking Halloween gift.

Monochrome blooms are another hit during Halloween. Agonis, dendrobium, and sorghum, an arrangement of all white flowers, gives a nostalgic feel to your party decorations. If your theme for this year’s Halloween party is Hollywood or Broadway of yesteryears, monochrome is the way to go.

Orange Roses are one of the obvious favorites for Halloween flower decorations. They match well with pumpkin decorations and also provide a pleasing contrast to the other Halloween flowers.

If goth culture and vampires fascinate you and might even influence your party theme or Halloween mood, dark and vibrant dahlias can bring your Halloween flowers into focus.

No matter what kind of Halloween flowers or gifts you favor, our florists at Flowerama of Springfield serving areas around Springfield, MO can create designs to capture your unique, Halloween style and make you smile.

What to do with Flowers After the Funeral

When it comes to sympathy flowers, you might be left with an abundance of them after the funeral. Facing the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things we must endure. Going through that loss is intense, and many emotions may surface. The presence of flowers decaying is often not conducive to the healing process.

For some, throwing away sympathy arrangements and funeral flowers can almost make you feel as if you are losing your loved one all over again. The thought of losing anything might be too much during such a sad time.

Preserving those flowers and making them into something different to celebrate your loved one or a memento that you can cherish and hold onto can help you alleviate some grief. The activity itself gives you some time away from your thoughts and something to concentrate on that is relaxing and not stressful. Also, this way, you will not have to go through the act of discarding those once-beautiful flowers.

Before we begin sharing ideas for projects involving preserved funeral flowers, we want to mention a necessary piece of advice is to never freeze flowers. If you try to freeze them, they will turn to mush once they defrost and need to be discarded.

However, if you keep those flowers away from the freezer and only use the correct appliances, preserving them is pretty easy!

Dried Petal Potpourri

Potpourri is best accomplished by drying the flowers. There are several ways to do this, the easiest being laying the flowers out on paper towels and turning them once a day. You can also hang the flowers upside down. Keep them in a warm place with good air circulation.

For a quick method, you can place the flowers on a sheet with parchment paper and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for two hours.

To strengthen the scent of your potpourri, you can also visit a craft store to purchase fixatives, and you can even add a few drops of essential oils.

Floral Forget-Me-Not Bath Salts

If potpourri isn’t your thing, but you like the idea of dried flowers, you can also make some floral bath salts. Simply add the dried flowers to some dead sea salt and Epsom salt and add some essential oil of your choosing, and you will have luxurious floral bath salts. If you worry about the floral material clogging the drain, you can always purchase muslin tea bags to fill with your bath salt ingredients.

Pressed Flower Frames, Bookmarks, Candles and Christmas Ornaments

Pressing flowers is as easy as set it and forget it if you choose the old-fashioned method. You can simply take the flower, place it on a piece of paper, cover it with a separate piece of paper then take a heavy book and place it on top to finish the pressing process. This may take patience as it can take seven to ten days for the flower to dry out completely. Don’t peek at your petals until that amount of time has elapsed.

For who are those less patient, you can also accomplish having pressed flowers by microwaving them. You will set the flowers in between sheets parchment paper, and instead of a book, you will place a plate on top. Nuke them for 30 seconds at a time until you are satisfied with the result.

Once you have your pressed flowers, there are many keepsakes you can create with acrylic matte medium from a craft store. You can brush the medium onto the outside of candles, on a bookmark, a Christmas ornament or inside a frame to adhere your pressed flowers to as decoration and a lovely, lasting memory.

These are just a few things you can do with funeral and sympathy flowers. If you do not wish to do any DIY activities with the flowers, you can always seek out a company to either preserve the flowers or make jewelry and other keepsakes for you.

It is also perfectly acceptable to not want reminders. People handle loss in different ways, and whatever you want to do to facilitate your own grieving process is okay. If you do not wish to have any reminders of your loss in the form of repurposed funeral flowers, an option is to offer them to others.

You may have friends and relatives of the deceased who would want some of the flowers, or you can even contact some non-profits to inquire about donating the flowers. If they are still reasonably fresh, there are many ways to use them to bring happiness to others in times of need. There may be other uses for them once they are decaying by companies that use them for composting.

If you would like to discuss flowers for any occasion or purpose, our dedicated floral experts at Flowerama of Springfield serving areas around Springfield, MO,are always glad to help!

What Flowers are Edible for People and Pets?

Blueberry scones and buttercup flowers

Flowers mingling with food may seem like a recent trend, but human beings have been enjoying edible flowers since as early as the first recorded mention in 140 B.C. Flowers in cuisine spanned the ages and coincided with many different cultures.

Ancient Greeks and Romans feasted on flowers. Queen Victoria was a big fan of flowers as a part of her meals. Chinese, Indians and South American cultures all use flowers in teas and cuisine. Some flowers add flavor and others have purported medicinal properties.

It’s important not to be fickle about flowers. Some flowers are deadly. When in doubt, leave it out. For safety’s sake, we made a list of popular petals for your palate.

It is important to note that flowers you plan to eat must not have had chemicals or pesticides on any part of the plant. Many flowers growing on the side of the road have been sprayed with pesticides and are not safe to eat.

When using flowers, keep the recipe simple, so other flavors do not overwhelm the flavor of the flowers. Clean flowers by gently washing them in a bowl of cold water. Set them on a paper towel to dry. They can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container with a damp paper towel. They will last a week stored this way.

Since many people enjoy sharing a snack with a beloved pet, we are adding in some info about pet-friendly petals.

Edible Flowers for People


The borage plant has vibrant blue flowers that some say taste like cucumber. Used in salads since the Elizabethan Age, borage flowers are beautiful and delicious in cocktails. The greens of this plant are also edible and can be eaten in salads or even cooked and used in place of spinach.


In floral arrangements, carnations are beautiful but not appropriate for a snack due to the chemicals. However, if grown organically and free of pesticides and chemicals, carnations’ delicate petals have a sweet taste.

The base of the flower is bitter, so cut the petals away from it. The petals can be used in desserts, candy, salads and wine. The petals have been used to make Chartreuse, a French liqueur, since the 17th century.


The versatility of roses is boundless, even in the kitchen. The flavors vary, depending on the type of rose and growing conditions. Flavors are often subtle, fruity and compared to strawberries or green apples yet distinctly floral. As tasty as the sweet fragrance would have one imagine.

All roses are edible and can be used in soups, salads, desserts, teas, ice creams, syrups, jellies, butters and sweet spreads. There is a portion of the petals that has a bitter taste and white color. Remove this part before using it in recipes.


Hibiscus flowers are popular for their tropical appearance, and good looks aside, they are also edible. Hibiscus petals taste a bit like cranberry with citrus notes. The petals can be used in salads as a garnish. When used in cooking, the petals tend to stain foods bright red.

Hibiscus is well-known used as a tea. Unlike some flowers that seem destined only for dessert, hibiscus flowers are versatile enough to be in all kinds of dishes, especially in Latin American cuisine. These flowers are also great for cocktails. If you drop fresh hibiscus buds in a glass of alcohol, they will bloom.


Chrysanthemums vary in color and taste. Their taste is comparable to cauliflower. Petals can be used in salads. The leaves can be used in vinegar, salad seasoning. The young stems and leaves can be used in stir-fries and are popular in Asian cooking. Remove the bitter flower base before using in dishes.


Dandelions are not always appreciated, but every part of the plant is edible. The greens can be cooked into savory dishes or eaten raw in salads. The flowers are often made into wine and can even be made used in ice cream.


Known for being plump, popular wedding florals, peonies are edible. The petals can be lightly steamed and sweetened. In China, peonies are medicinal, and the dried peony root is sold as Bai Shao. They are reported to have many medicinal uses for treating a variety of health concerns ranging from gout, cough, PMS, hepatitis and epilepsy to name a few.


The same way the sun sustains life by giving warmth, sunflowers give life because all parts of the plant are edible. Young sunflowers can be steamed and cooked like artichokes before they open fully. Once open, the petals have a bit more of a bittersweet taste but can add color to recipes.

Sunflower seeds are a favorite of many people and even animals, and sunflower sprouts are very nutritious microgreens.


Like many other flowers, violets have a sweet, floral taste. They complement salads, desserts and drinks. They come in many beautiful colors. The flowers add a unique appearance to whatever dish they decorate, and they can be crystallized. The leaves are edible and very savory when cooked like spinach.

Pet-Friendly Petals

Before snacking with a pet, make sure the flower is safe and free from chemicals and pesticides. Some pets may be able to have some of a few flower petals or pieces of petals, but it is always best to consult a veterinarian before feeding them something new. Always feed any treat beyond the normal diet in moderation.

Hibiscus, roses and sunflowers are flowers that can be eaten and enjoyed by rabbits, birds and bearded dragons. Birds also eat dandelions, carnations and violets. Some flowers that are safe for dogs and cats to eat are roses and sunflowers. Chickens also love to eat sunflowers.

The best plant on our list for pets may be dandelion greens. Good for all the pets we mentioned, dandelion greens are high in potassium, and they are an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. They also contain folate, vitamin E and small amounts of other B vitamins.

Animals are like small children. They explore the world and the many things in it by putting it in their mouths and sometimes eating it. Dogs and cats may also eat your plants out of boredom. Even non-toxic plants can sometimes cause stomach upset or even make your pet throw up.

With dogs and cats, you can try to prevent them from chewing your plants by making a safe spray that will repel them. Both animals are extremely sensitive to smells. Vinegar sprayed on or cinnamon mixed with pepper sprinkled around your plants may make your dog “paws”.

For cats, they despise the smell of citrus, so a lemon peel or two may do the trick. However, concentrated citrus oils and many other essential oils may be toxic, so do not use without veterinarian approval. Cats also loathe cayenne pepper, so sprinkling it around your plants is a safe alternative.

For the exotic pets like bearded dragons, tortoises, birds and rabbits, simply keep these animals away from any flowers or plants you don’t want them to eat, especially those that are not already known to be safe. These smaller animals have more severe reactions to anything toxic compared to dogs and cats.

It is always best to err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to the health of your pet. Know what flowers and plants are in your pet’s environment. Remove any that are not known to be non-toxic. A pet consuming the wrong plant is a quick accident that can have a lasting and devastating conclusion.

Our florists at Flowerama of Springfield serving areas around Springfield, MO,care about pets. Let us know if you or the intended recipient have pets and what kind of pets, so we can substitute certain flowers or plants with safer alternatives.

Care Tips for Endless Summer Hydrangeas

You remember the days. You wished summer would never end. Although we can’t wave a magic wand and make summer endless, we can help you make the feelings of summer last by equipping you with care and handling tips for the Endless Summer hydrangea.

Hydrangeas are well embraced in many capacities. They gravitate to the ever-so-popular farmer’s style bouquets but are also manipulated to create unique designs. These treasured florals can be found in cut bouquets in homes everywhere, but they can also be planted.

If you have the urge to exercise your green thumb this summer, boy, do we have the hydrangea for you. The Endless Summer hydrangea is here to stay, and we will tell you why.

What is the Endless Summer Hydrangea?

Is there a difference between a hydrangea and the Endless Summer hydrangea? In short, yes, there is a difference, but the difference is found in how the plant blooms. This popular breed blooms repeatedly summer through fall. Their growth is based on the current and past year’s wood. The Endless Summer hydrangea is truly a breakthrough for the breed as it can withstand even the harshest winter climates.

View an Endless Summer hydrangea here.

What Do I Do with My Endless Summer Hydrangea?

If you are committed to planting the Endless Summer hydrangea but don’t know where to start when it comes to caring for it, we are here to help.

Planting this brilliant blooming plant can add color and vibrancy to a home’s landscape. This shrub can reach upwards of 5 feet tall, and it produces blue or pink blooms. The flowers’ color is determined by the PH of the soil it is planted in. Blue is produced in a PH of 5.0 to 5,8, and a faded lilac color (pink) is revealed at a PH of 5.9 to 6.4. There are PH tests that can be done to ensure you get the desired color.

If your Endless Summer hydrangea is in well-draining, moist soil with partial shade, you are bound to see the best results. However, it is important to know how to properly care for them after they are planted and blooming.

How Do I Care for My Endless Summer Hydrangea?

Decide on a location. You’ll want these beauties to be proudly displayed but in the safest way. Choose a place where they can thrive in the desired partial shade to full sunlight. The most comfortable location, where they can still be seen, is under a tree or as an accent at the border of a home.

The Endless Summer hydrangea should be housed in a pot that drains well or in garden soil. The roots should be completely packed and covered by the soil. It is important to fertilize these hydrangeas in the spring before the new growth begins.

To check if your hydrangea’s soil is properly watered and not soggy, insert your finger approximately an inch into the dirt it is planted in. If it is dry, water it some more. Often, hydrangeas in a pot will need a little extra water and T.L.C.

In the fall, after the Endless Summer hydrangea is done blooming, cut their stems back to their healthiest buds for a fresh start. Remove any dead or damaged stems in the springtime before the Endless Summer hydrangea starts to bloom again.

The only insects you may have to worry about with the Endless Summer hydrangea are aphids. Spray them once a week with insecticidal soap if you notice these critters. Continue this weekly spraying until the pests are gone.

Why are Your Hydrangeas NOT Blooming?

There are several reasons why your Endless Summer hydrangea wouldn’t be blooming. Just like other plants and flowers, it all boils down to proper care and handling. Knowing the above information will help prevent the issue of an Endless Summer hydrangea not blooming.

It is important to never neglect your plants but overdoing the care can also cause harm. Balance and proper knowledge are key.

Overwatering can cause your Endless Summer hydrangea to have fewer blooms. This can be avoided by only watering when the soil is dry. This means you need to be extra attentive to your blooms’ wellbeing, especially when the temperatures are extra hot.

Too much fertilizer could also prevent your Endless Summer hydrangea from blooming. Your hydrangea’s leaves will look large and extra green when you overuse fertilizer, but your blooms will become fewer and fewer. You should only fertilize this shrub once in the spring or early summer with the recommended amounts for best-blooming flowers.

Nothing is quite as frustrating as getting your hair cut, and it is too short. It is a feeling of instant regret because the process of growing it back feels like forever. The same can pertain to why your hydrangea may not be blooming. Cutting too much off will result in fewer blooms. If you are looking to shape the plant, it is best to do it when the plant is dormant. Refrain from cutting more than 12 inches from the ground though, as it can also cause damage.

Depending on your geographic location, a very harsh winter could stop your hydrangea from blooming. One way to prevent your blooms from suffering and having to recover through the growing season is by covering its crown with mulch during the winter and removing the mulch in the spring when the extreme weather has passed.

Just like with everything in life, the better care you give (and receive) the better it will thrive. Our team of florists at Flowerama of Springfield serving locations in and around Springfield, MO, are here to help answer any questions you may have about your plants or flowers during the summertime and throughout the year.

If you are still trying to find what works best for you, we can help you find what works best for your home and your lifestyle. Everyone deserves a little extra beauty in their life. We want to help you and your landscape thrive.

9 of the Best Gifts to Give a Summer Bride

She is beauty. She is grace. She is craving that summer embrace. Those dear summer brides are ready to take on their new adventure in the summer season’s glow. Help her celebrate with these top gifts for a summer bride.

Realistically, a summer bride is going to require the same attention and approach as a bride tying the knot any season, but you’ll need to keep some fans on hand because it will be hot.

There is a lot that goes into getting married- the prep, the execution and the cleanup. Whether you are a part of the wedding or a source of love and encouragement for the bride to be, we broke down some ideal gifts for the summer bride in your life.

Gifts to Give Leading Up to the Wedding

Ready or not here she comes down the aisle. The song is slow just like the steps, but the process of getting her down the aisle is swift. Take comfort in the fact that you can help the bride get through the chaos by offering encouragement. This may include your time, kind words or even a gift.

What are the best gifts to give a summer bride? If you are looking for something to give the upcoming bride to make her smile, we have four gift options you may be interested in.

1. Monogrammed Jewelry

Remind her of simpler times. Wedding planning and prep can be stressful. Monogrammed jewelry can be a fun gift to give that has a lot of meaning attached to it. Whether it is the couple’s initials or her anticipated last name change, it is a fun sentiment and an encouraging gesture to remind her of what all the work is going towards.

An additional approach involves ALL the maids of honor out there. Perhaps, you and the bride shared matching friendship bracelets growing up. Monogrammed jewelry can be a unique way of reminding the bride that you will be by her side through the process and beyond.

Go the extra step and put the monogrammed jewelry in a personalized bridal box. This can also be an option for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom’s gifts. All the soon-to-be hubbies can take notes.

2. Anything “Bride to Be”

You’ve seen it… everywhere. Some think it is cheesy, but that is okay. Even the non-sentimental brides can appreciate the fun of a bride-to-be gift. They are only engaged in a small window of their life. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the process.

These bride-to-be gifts can be found in totes, floppy hats, shirts, mugs and so much more. Getting these gifts early is preferred as they can be used longer. However, the nostalgia truly never has to stop, as happily ever after has no time limit.

3. Framed Engagement Photo

You truly can’t mess this gift up- unless you frame a picture of the wrong couple. That would be bad.

A framed engagement photo is not only a sweet gift. It is a cherished treasure that never expires and can always be appreciated. Surprise the bride on a hard day or just on a random Tuesday with it. It will mean more to her than she will even be able to express.

4. Spa and Wellness Gift

We can all appreciate the gift of being pampered at any time of the year, but those summer brides may appreciate it on an even deeper level. The chlorine damage to hair from the pool is real, and our skin’s moisture suffers neglect from the heat and extra sunshine in the summertime.

Summer is beautiful. The wedding photos are impeccable, but the results of a summer wedding may only be treated by a little T.L.C. for the bride, not just pre-wedding but after.

Gifts to Give the Day of The Wedding

5. Personalized BRIDE Robe

Oh, the personalized or monogrammed robe- it has become a wedding staple. Some brides consider this a wedding must for the bridal party, but not all brides want that extra expense.

This is one great gift option for the bride who isn’t known to splurge on herself. It is a great photo detail, and she can use it for years to come. Be sure the robe you chose has light material, so the summer bride is comfortable sitting in it while getting ready.

6. The Day-Of Wedding Survival Kit

A Day-of Wedding Survival Kit is necessary for brides of any season. If you are a part of the bridal party, it is important to coordinate who is responsible to bring each necessary component of the kit.

The only thing a bride should think about on her wedding day is looking and feeling her best. All brides, especially summer brides, need to be drinking plenty of water and have food on their stomachs before the walk down the aisle. The heat isn’t going to be her friend. Dehydration should be avoided at all costs.

Make it part of the prep. It may seem like a no-brainer, but all the nerves and the chaos can make this more of a challenge than anticipated. Bring some healthy snacks. Fruit is a great option because it is two in one. She may not be able to eat a full meal, but snacks will help keep her feeling her best.

With that in mind, your summer bride’s emergency kit should involve lip balm and deodorant (for obvious reasons) and a sewing kit (for any unprecedented mishaps). Additionally, bring a steamer, and add a Tide pen, safety pins and Advil to your summer bride’s emergency kit.

This may not seem like a gift, per se, but your bride will appreciate the thought and effort you put into this. Odds are this may be at the bottom of her priority list, or it may have not even crossed her mind.

Gifts to Give After the Wedding

Sometimes the best wedding gifts come after the big day. It gives you the opportunity to get creative after having seen the big picture. It helps preserve the love and memory of the day. The wedding day is typically a blur to most couples. They get pulled in several different directions to greet guests and take all the pictures. Post-wedding gifts help remind the bride and groom of the small moments that make love last.

7. Wedding Vow Art

It is safe to say that wedding vows are some of the most special, most vulnerable and most meaningful parts of a wedding day. This is the one part of the whole day where you get to see (and hear) the couple’s love exchanged in the most beautiful way.

Gifting a piece of this moment to a bride and her groom is undeniably impactful. You may have to get strategic with how you get the copy, but it is worth the detective work to see the result.

8. Wedding Invitation/Photo Frame

Another incredibly meaningful post-wedding gift for the newly hitched Mr. and Mrs. is a framed wedding invitation and wedding photo duo. This is a gift that is given a month or more after the wedding day, as it takes time to get wedding photos back.

Nonetheless, this gift is well worth the wait.

If you are not one to show up empty-handed to a wedding, these post-wedding gifts also make great anniversary gifts without losing their impactful punch.

9. Flowers to Welcome the Couple Home

It doesn’t matter if it is pre-wedding, the day of the wedding or a welcome home from their honeymoon, flowers make the perfect summer bride wedding gift.

There is a reason why flowers play such a vital role in a couple’s big day. They express individuality, tie in a theme and draw in eyes to the meaning and mood of the love in the air.

If you are looking to highlight a summer bride or need an extra opinion on a wedding gift this summer, let our wedding connoisseurs at Flowerama of Springfield serving Springfield, MO, help do the heavy lifting for you.

There are so many important things to recognize and acknowledge about a couple’s big day. The right wedding gift can do just that.

Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July at Home

In true 2020 fashion, birthdays are being celebrated at home. That doesn’t exclude our nation’s birthday. For the independent souls who choose to embrace the pride they have for their nation, the Fourth of July is bound to be celebrated in a BIG way, even if it is at home.

Restrictions for social interactions and social distancing vary state-by-state. These restrictions involve the guidelines for the number of people that gather. As guidelines relax some, it is important to reign in your excitement, as many of us are craving a fun gathering with family and friends to the tune of loud music, dancing and a barbeque. Remember, the goal should be to celebrate safely.

Party Like No One is Watching.

No one likes to party alone, we get it. However, mandates may be limiting the number of guests in your area. This may directly affect hosting this Fourth of July. Although the party may not be what you had in mind, it may give you the chance to explore your creative side.

Big, holiday party blowouts typically involve a lot of people, a lot of food and a lot of cleanup. This means hosting is more about focusing on the quantity of food and drink with the easiest cleanup. Although this year’s Fourth of July celebration isn’t ideal, it is an opportunity to focus on the quality of the experience.

Your selected guests will remember this Fourth of July because of the creativity you put into it. Fourth of July décor can be fun, and the resources are easy to put together. Bandanas are a fun option. They can be used as a reusable napkin or as a cute keepsake. Stick one in a mason jab with your utensils, and you have a cute place setting. You’ll need to be sure to have an appropriate amount of reds, whites and blues in your decor.

The Party Rules

This is your excuse. It is time to party under restrictions. It’s not ideal, but this year’s Fourth of July parties are bound to have rules set that you’ll have to abide by. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your day off with a good independent celebration. It is Independence Day after all!

Partying solo or in an isolated group may not be your cup of tea. You may be a free-spirited individual who enjoys a good time with a fun group of people, but there are rules set in place. Rules that have to be followed.

Yes, mandates and restrictions have eased in current weeks, but there are rules that still have to be followed.

Fourth of July can still involve fun in the sun. Slip and slide is an option for both children and adults. Go down the soapy path one for one or glide two at a time if your yard should suffice. This allows you to keep your distance and still have fun. A competitive game of slip and slide is one anyone can get behind. It is truly a nostalgic past time.

Embracing the Patriotic Birthday Suit

Party like it is your birthday or rather, your country’s birthday. Part of the fun of celebrating the Fourth of July is finding the right party attire. Just because the party is at home doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up for your small gathering or perhaps even an Insta photo recap.

Whether it is a bold choice in an outfit or brilliant blooms to compliment the patriotic photos aesthetic, Fourth of July fun can still be achieved when you are stuck at home. This year is about getting creative with the resources we have.

Sometimes, it is about the simple things. This year has had many people feeling congested and over the confinement of home. Being stuck at home on this free-spirited holiday isn’t ideal, but that doesn’t have to stop the celebrations altogether. It just changes things up. Remember, change can be good.

If going all out to gather a full-blown patriotic outfit isn’t ideal, there is always a more nostalgic approach. You may remember them- the family photos with the coordinating Old Navy American Flag t-shirts. Odds are you or someone you know have shared in this pastime. Maybe it is time to bring them back?

Go Out with a Bang.

COVID-19 restrictions have been especially disheartening for the people who practice Fourth of July traditions in a big way. For many, those traditions involve fireworks. Large gatherings are still a no-go in many areas. This has caused many Fourth of July fireworks shows to be canceled.

They may not make as much of a bang, but there are fun and festive ways to get into the Independence Day spirit. Sparklers are legal in most states, but it is important that you double-check what your state allows. Although they look harmless and beautiful, sparklers can get extremely hot, so kids should not handle them.

You may be a more mellow type. That’s just fine. Your idea of a successful Fourth of July can involve a backyard movie night, consisting of a picnic. Celebrate your independence with the people you love in a patriotic and relaxed way.

It is truly about the simple things in life. Fourth of July celebrations are all about celebrating the independence that so many fought for us to have. It is about acknowledging where we started and where we are now. Let our florists atFlowerama of Springfield serving Springfield, MO, help you make celebrating the Fourth of July at home more beautiful.

Share something red, white and blue with the ones closest to you this Independence Day. You may not all be together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate alongside each other. Every time they look at the patriotic flower arrangement sitting at their home barbeque, they will remember that you are there celebrating with them in patriotic spirit.