How to Know if Your Plant is Well

When a person is sick, you typically check their temperature, make sure they are hydrated and clean their surrounding areas. It’s a common procedure. This rings true for plants as well. If you know what to look for you can help your plant be its healthiest.

Recognizing symptoms in people is easy. As humans, we know what to watch out for. If you’re new to plants and gardening, then you might not be as familiar with plant symptoms. We’re here to help! Here are some symptoms to check on whether your plant is well or not.

The Color

If people are losing color in their skin, it is considered a red flag. The same goes for plants. When a plant’s leaves turn brown or yellow, there is something that isn’t quite right. A healthy pant should look and feel its best.

If you notice yellowing on your plant’s leaves then this could be signs of overwatering, low humidity, poor soil drainage, low temperatures or pot-bound roots. To narrow down this list of causes, assess your plant’s situation and environment.

Has the air changed suddenly around your plant? Is your plant in a drafty area or near a heater, or maybe something else has changed in the environment that your plant is reacting negatively to?

If none of these ring true for your plant, then check to see if the pot your plant is in has adequate drainage, and the plant isn’t rootbound. If a plant is rootbound, the plant has outgrown its pot, and the roots take up the entire space. Once you know the cause of the symptoms, then you will be able to apply proper care.

If you notice brown leaf tips, these could be signs of too much fertilizer or pesticides, dry soil, low temperature, hot air, accumulated salts or root rot. Once again, you will need to assess the situation to determine exactly what you are dealing with. Once you have, most of these are easy to deal with.

Most house plants only need to be fertilized once a month. Do a quick Google search on the plant you are caring for to figure out how often your plant needs to be fertilized. Once you have that information, you can create a schedule to follow. Stick to it, and your plant will be thriving in no time.

If you’re good on the fertilizer area of plant care, you may want to try increasing the humidity around the plant. Put plants suffering from brown leaves in a tray lined with pebbles that are filled with water. The plant should stand above the waterline of the pebbles. This set up will also allow you to flush any excess minerals, like salts, out of the soil.

Keeping a close eye on your plants at all times can help you prevent a problem from getting out of hand. If you notice that your plant’s leaves haven’t changed colors entirely, but they are becoming paler, you have time to act. Check the soil first and move on to sunlight.

Plants are like children in the sense that they thrive on a clear schedule. When sudden changes happen, this can stress your plant out, which leaves it more susceptible to plant diseases.

The Growth

Plants come in all shapes and sizes. A plant standing tall is a sign of good health, so, if you start to notice that your plant is wilting, it’s probably a sign your plant is getting sick.

Now, some plants’ leaves will have a natural droop to them because of their weight. Don’t get these two mixed up and cause yourself to panic for no reason. There is a distinction between a plant that just has weight to its leaves and one that is starting to wilt. A plant that is wilting will look “sad” in comparison to another plant that is healthy.

For a wilting plant, check the soil moisture to make sure it’s getting enough water. Remember, the soil top should be moist up to 2 inches down and be sure to weed your plant if you haven’t done it in a while.

Wilting can also be caused by nutritional imbalance. Check the fertilizer you are using to make sure it’s the proper match for your plant. If you want to be extra thorough, most home and garden stores have test kits to check the PH balance of your soil and determine the nutrients that are missing.

If you’ve tried all of these and still your plant is not thriving, you have another problem on your hands. Wilting can be a sign of more serious issues. Especially if you see it accompanied by stunting in the overall growth of the plant. This could be a sign of Botrytis Blight. Once plants are presented with symptoms of full-blown disease, it’s hard to recover.

The Cracks

Much like how your lips become chapped and cracked during the winter months so can your plant’s stems. You might notice cracks on your plant after a cold snap.

Don’t panic. It’s easy to handle when it is caught soon enough. Simply put a tarp or light sheet over your plant. This will provide some insulation without limiting the air circulation too much.

If you’re noticing cracks, and there hasn’t been a recent cold snap, the cracks could be from a more serious source. Cracks can also be caused by cankers. Cankers are abnormal growths that appear on your plant. It’s caused by various fungi and bacteria. This particular disease is more associated with wooden plants, but that doesn’t mean your standard house plants can’t catch it.

Cankers don’t just cause cracks on your plant. They cause abnormal growths on the plant’s stems that can resemble lumps and cause parts of the stem to die off as the cankers get more serious.

Unfortunately, if you notice these symptoms and you suspect your plant is suffering from cankers, the best action is to simply get rid of that plant. Cankers are such a contagious disease that can easily spread to the rest of your garden. It’s sad to have to lose a plant, but better to lose one plant than your whole garden.

The Spots

We’ve already discussed the colors of leaves changing and what that can mean for your plant. Don’t get the browning of your overall leaf confused with brown spots that might pop up. These two issues are very different when it comes to combatting the problem.

If you notice brown spots popping up on your plant, you usually don’t have to worry about isolating it. However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so we won’t discourage you from isolating that plant either. Mostly, the cause of your spot issue is going to be an inconsistent watering schedule or a lack of calcium.

Figure out a watering schedule that works best for you and your plant. If you have trouble remembering, even on your best days, write it on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror as a reminder. If you’re more of a tech-savvy person, use your phone to set a reminder.

Brown spots on your leaves can also be from water spots. Water spots are caused when you’ve accidentally splashed water onto the leaves of your plant when watering it.

Brown spots aren’t the only spots that cause concern when it comes to your plant. Always keep an eye for powdery growths, typically on the leaves. Powdery growth is almost always caused by mildew. Mildew usually results from a combination of an overly moist environment around your plant and poor air circulation.

Unfortunately, if you notice these powdery spots, you want to go ahead and remove this plant from your other plants. Mildew spreads very easily, and if your other plants aren’t infected, you want to keep them safe.

You want to increase the air circulation around your plant for both issues. You’ll also want to remember to trim the infected leaves.

The Tips

We know you love your plants, and you just want what’s best for them. Some extra advice for dealing with plants that are infected with an ailment is to always wash your hands in between dealing with plants. This helps you from accidentally spreading the disease yourself, even if you have isolated your little buddy.

If you’re washing your hands, you always want to make sure you’re washing your tools too. Sanitize your tools in between use. A simple solution of one-part bleach to nine parts water will get the job done.

The hardest piece of advice to hear is that sometimes you just have to give up on a plant.

We know this is hard advice to take for something that you cherish dearly, but the health of your other plants should be a big factor in this decision. You don’t want to focus all your attention on saving one plant and in the process, infect all your other plants. With that mentality, you’ll be getting a brand-new garden every couple of months.

If you have had a tragedy strike in the form of a plant epidemic, fear not. Our florists at Flowerama of Springfield serving Milwaukee, WI, are happy to help you in restocking your plant essentials. We’ll even assist with tips for how to keep your plant thriving.

The best overall advice when it comes to spotting plant disease is simply to keep an eye out. You don’t have to micromanage and keep an excel sheet tracking your plant’s progress or even resort to watching it constantly. You just want to have frequent check-ins to ensure its best health.

Taking a few minutes out of every day, simply to assess the state of your plant, can go a long way. Here’s to ensuring every plant is kept at its best!

Gifts You can Send Graduates

Graduation is a time of uncertainty for some graduates and a time of excitement and expectation for others. This year, graduation may come with additional challenges for grads, and those challenges may keep them from celebrating in a traditional way.

Some graduations are being temporarily canceled, postponed or done differently utilizing technology. This can make a happy time feel somewhat spoiled. It is important to try to brighten this time for a graduate, especially if he or she is feeling disappointed.

Let a recent grad know you wish him or her well and care even if you can’t be there. We compiled a list, so you can find the perfect gift to give his or her spirit a bit of a lift.

Dorm/Home Décor and More

Whether the recent graduate is going off to college or finished with school completely and moving out to an apartment, regular household items are typical gifts for graduation that are appreciated. Keep in mind the styles the grad likes and think about how he or she dresses for inspiration. Do certain colors or patterns stand out?

You can always go with inexpensive bathroom sets including the shower curtain, towels, rugs, soap dishes and hand soap dispensers. Some sets are already combined or there are mix and match options.

For the kitchen, consider a coffeemaker, some mugs or even a French press for the true coffee aficionados. A new place will also mean a new need for items like pots, pans, dishes, silverware and glasses. Even a spice rack and cookbook can make awesome graduation gifts. There are cookbooks for all different types of cooking, even for college students or those cooking for one.

Even those who aren’t leaving home yet can appreciate a new duvet, desk items, paintings or pictures. Weighted blankets are said to alleviate anxiety, and since recent graduates may be a bit anxious when stepping into the great unknown, a graduation gift to reduce anxiety and improve sleep is an easy way to promote the new graduate’s mental and physical health.

There is a lot of fun associated with having one’s own space and personalizing it, whether it is a bedroom, dorm or new apartment. If you have an idea of what the recent grad likes, even small gifts can bring joy. If you don’t know what he or she might want or need to make the new place feel more like a home, ask.

Flowers and Plants

The easiest and most effective way to bring beauty, life and light to a space is by adding flowers and/or plants. Even if the recent grad has never exhibited a green thumb, having a plant to care for can sometimes ignite a passion for nurturing nature.

Succulents, spider plants and air plants are some easy growing options for graduation gifts. For a meaningful plant that is also easier to care for, there is the Chinese money plant, which will even produce little sprouts that can be planted for even more gorgeous greenery in the home. Another appropriate gift would be the lucky bamboo. It grows in low light in either water or soil and is believed to be both lucky and good feng shui.

If the recent graduate doesn’t seem like a person who enjoys plants, flowers may be more appreciated. Unexpectedly getting fresh flowers is known to boost mood. Sending flowers that coincide with school colors or a bouquet and teddy bear in celebration of graduation is a great way to let a recent grad know how proud you are, even if you can’t be there in person.

If you would like to send something to recognize and celebrate a graduation, let our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in SPRINGFIELD, MO, personalize a gift for the grad.

Sentiments in Print

Chances are, if you are shopping for a good gift for someone for graduation, you have probably been in their shoes. Think back to who you were and what you thought and felt when you were that age. What books resonated with you at that time in your life?

Whether you found meaning in Kurt Vonnegut, J.D. Salinger, Haruki Murakami or a lesser-known novelist who managed to write something that spoke to you, share that piece of who you were with a graduate who is still figuring it out. Write them your thoughts on the story and even on life itself. You can also give them a journal to go with that gift.

If you aren’t sure that your tastes and the taste of the recent graduate will coincide, there are also inspirational books about organization, finances and achieving goals that could inspire a young person to take the road less traveled, which occurs less often than the popularity of the phrase would have the world believe.

For a shorter sentiment, you could always engrave a keepsake item like a watch, jewelry box or piece of jewelry with advice, a memory you share or an inspirational quote.

Commencement Speeches to Give and Keep

Commencement speeches by certain individuals are so moving that they are made into books. That is the case with David Foster Wallace’s commencement address given in 2005 at Kenyon College. The unbelievable speech is so profound and inspirational that it has been commented on endlessly in articles and blogs. The book version is called, “This is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life.”

Another amazing commencement speech that is available as a book you can give is by an author many in the age group graduating will recognize and appreciate. JK Rowling’s commencement speech at Harvard was an honest and emotional treasure that used her personal experiences to illustrate that failure isn’t an end. It is part of a process, and imagination can save us. The book is called, “Very Good Lives.”

If you don’t want to limit it to one author, there are also books that compile some of the best and most popular commencement speeches ever given.

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts can be difficult to keep up with as technology is constantly evolving. Depending on who the graduate is to you and your budget, gifts like cell phones and laptops probably aren’t appropriate. However, that doesn’t have to eliminate tech.

Some portable speakers can be used with cell phones to play tunes and keep them and their friends dancing during study breaks. There are also projectors that can be used with cell phones.

Depending on whether your graduate is out of college or high school and what he or she is into, there are monthly subscriptions to programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others that may be helpful for a recent grad. When it comes to tech, you can either ask the graduate, a relative or friend for advice.


Money can’t buy happiness, but it is a common gift for graduation. You can’t go wrong giving money because you are essentially giving the graduate the opportunity to pick out his or her own gift. When it comes to money, several variables that determine what amount is appropriate.

Stay within your budget, yet the amount should also reflect the relationship that you share with the graduate. You are not expected to give an extravagant amount to a graduate you barely know. Usually, $20 to $100 is a typical gift for graduation. The gift can be larger for people who are closer to the graduate but not if it strains your budget.

No matter what gift you give, a recent graduate could use the support of friends and family. If you know the recent graduate well, be there for him or her and make sure you communicate that you are always willing to listen.

Remember the confusion of that time, appreciate where you are in life and help those who are still trying to find their path. To quote David Foster Wallace’s famous commencement speech, “It is unimaginably hard to do this, to stay conscious and alive in the adult world day in and day out. Which means yet another cliché turns out to be true: your education really is the job of a lifetime. And it commences: now.”

Like Wallace, wish a recent graduate more than luck and be there to offer support and advice for someone when he or she is still figuring things out. Times may change, but the importance of giving stays the same.

The Guide to Choosing the Right Flowers

There is so much more to flowers than their outward beauty. Flowers have depth and meaning, and there is a flower for practically every occasion. If you aren’t sure what flowers to choose, there should be no worries because we have done the hard work for you.

It is a lost art- handwritten words, outward expressions of a person’s innermost thoughts. Sure, we indulge in conversation through text messages and the occasional phone call, but the art of writing and receiving handwritten words from the heart has become an old practice.

What are words without action? Connect the two worlds in a beautiful way, even when you don’t have the words to say. The action of sending flowers is your way of expressing whatever it is that you want to say.

Flowers that say, “I love you.”

The rose is the number one flower of choice to express romance. The proof is found in the amount sent on every Valentine’s Day, anniversary and with every “I love you” bouquet.

“I love you” is among the most powerful phrases a person can exchange with another. This expression is debatably one of the most vulnerable moments a person can experience. With all that in mind, the first exchange of these words shouldn’t be the last.

The words remain powerful for a lifetime when they are kept, cherished and shared often. This can be done verbally or through physical expressions. This can include going out of your way to make a special someone’s lunch, helping them without asking, kissing them on the forehead just because and any other expression of the love you have for them.

Love is a verb- only truly felt through action. Sometimes that action is found through the exchange of a rose, and what a beautifully expressive flower it is. At first glance, its beauty is intoxicating. Just like hardships, its thorns can cause pain, but with proper care, the result is par none.

Flowers that say, “I am sorry.”

With every love story there are several instances where an “I’m sorry” is exchanged. This makes the rose a stereotypical apology flower. It is believed that the larger the rose bouquet the larger expression of how much he or she is “sorry” in a certain scenario. However, that is just not the case. Associating the two can easily demean the power behind the natural mood boosters known as flowers.

Flowers can’t mend a wrongdoing. Choosing the right flowers can’t erase the past. However, the right flowers can convey emotion, exude positive energy, link where words aren’t quite fitting and better express a person’s sincerity.

Some of the more popular apology flowers include lilies, ivies, white tulips, white orchids and blue hyacinths.

Flowers that say, “You are special to me.”

Admiration can be hard to express because you must narrow down what it is that you are admiring. What do you admire about the person you are sending flowers to? Are you looking to send a strictly platonic bouquet as a reminder of friendship and your appreciation for the person? Maybe you are looking to express the feelings you have for your crush or to simply follow up on an unforgettable first date.

Your options are widespread, just like the flowers you can choose to send. As discussed, there is a rose for practically every occasion and one with nearly every meaning. The lavender rose is your rose of choice to express a blossoming romance. The camellia beautifully expresses admiration. Choose white camellia to send feelings of adoration and pink when reminding someone they are missed.

Flowers that say, “I am here for you.”

I am here for you can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. You may be trying to console someone after a rough week or express condolence after the loss of someone special. Help others find hope in the stargazer lily. Often sent as a funeral flower, this bloom carries a meaning of purity, innocence and sympathy.

The statice flower conveys remembrance. Sometimes sharing that you are thinking or remembering someone can be more encouraging than you may realize. Nothing is more impactful than to know someone you care about remembers you. Of everything and everyone in the world they could be thinking about, they thought about you. That’s powerful.

With all those emotions in mind, they can be expressed through flowers. This gesture dates back several lifetimes. What many just see as a social custom is actually a custom that allows people to express their feelings. In fact, expressing feelings through words was considered ill-mannered at certain times in history.

Flowers are a connecting element. They connect us with nature. They connect us with more intensified feelings. Most importantly, they allow us to connect with each other. Mother Nature gave us a resource. This resource allows us to pluck meaning and feelings out of the earth and share it with others.

That’s powerful.

It is important to choose the right flowers when you are looking to send a message. Don’t set your feelings aside. Rather, it is best to become one with them and to share them often with the people we care about. With life’s challenges, uncertainty and fleeting time, now is always the time to act, living life to the fullest as often as possible.

Our team of flower appreciators, known as florists, at Flowerama of Springfield in SPRINGFIELD, MO, are here to help you make those connections with flowers. We pride ourselves on the gift of sharing smiles and sharing feelings with nature’s gift of florals.

Gifts for Untraditional Moms for Mother’s Day

Moms come in all forms. They are all unique to each family, as they fill many roles in a person’s day-to-day life. They are a safety net for many and deserve so much recognition. Whether you are a child looking to celebrate your foster mom, adopted mother or any other “untraditional” mother in your life, these gifts are exactly what you should be looking for this Mother’s Day.

For the Foster Mom

A foster mother is a unique type of mother. She has to be selfless as she cares for a child in need. Although they are not her biological children, foster mothers care for their foster children as if they were. Foster mothers have to be strong and more selfless than many may realize.

Being a foster mom isn’t about taking in a child and letting them go, it is about being willing to give all your love to a child who may not be getting it from anywhere else, and with every foster family, there is a unique set of circumstances.

Foster moms treasure pictures, so any gift that resources pictures is bound to be well-loved among foster moms. Foster parenting can be especially challenging for the fear of being detached. The job of a foster parent is to love and care for the children who are not yours, as if they were yours, knowing they could be taken away from you at any time. It is emotionally draining.

With this dedication, love and selflessness in mind, consider a Mother’s Day gift that expresses your gratitude and recognizes the commitment of foster mothers this Mother’s Day. Etsy offers some great suggestions for gifts any foster mother will love.

For the Adoptive Mom

Why adopt? It is something many never understand, but adopting is a life choice that is only made by a select group of caring individuals. You need to have a heart for it. It may not be for everyone, but it is so important to appreciate the people who have embraced this commitment.

Adoption is an opportunity to gain a new purpose in your life while investing in the stability, love and nurturing of a different one. The decision you made wasn’t just to adopt. The decision was to deal with the agony of waiting, the financial means of the process and the time that separates you from hearing of, seeing and holding your baby for the first time.

Just because you adopt a child, it doesn’t make you any less of a parent or mother. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to express that. Mother’s Day gifts for adoptive mothers don’t vary from the traditional “birth mother” Mother’s Day gifts. However, if your mother and your family embrace the beauty of adoption, there are gift options made for moms like yours.

Amazon has a full list of thoughtful gifts for adoptive parents . Of all the people in the world, your lives were chosen to be connected for the long haul. That’s special and worth celebrating.

For the Mom Who Chose You

Not all moms can fit into a specific box. There are women across the world who may have never given birth and some who were quite literally given the responsibility of motherhood. Some may have never even considered having children, or perhaps, they may have never thought they would be able to. All of which are still mothers.

Motherhood isn’t about checked boxes. The process of motherhood isn’t always black and white. Motherhood is about choosing your child’s well-being every day. It is about sacrificing time, sleep and sometimes sanity to ensure your child has everything they need. It is about investing your life to the betterment of theirs and a forever commitment to love, hold and cherish them till your last breath.

There are plenty of moms out there that chose the title in untraditional ways. It could be a grandmother raising her grandchild, a sister raising her siblings, an aunt raising her nieces, a stepmother who stepped up to love her stepchildren as her own or a father juggling the roles of both parents.

Due to the stories of each of these moms (and they are moms. There is no need for debate.), the gifts you may choose for them on Mother’s Day will probably vary. However, any of these specific mom groups are bound to be very appreciative and touched by whatever Mother’s Day gift you choose to give them.

We choose to recognize all mothers this Mother’s Day because they so lovingly choose their children, every day. These gift ideas for the mom who chose you is an older resource, but it is just as relevant of a gift list for any of these moms. These gifts are bound to make the mom that chose you feel special.

There are some very unique and not so traditional moms in the world. The world’s oldest woman to give birth was Rosanna Dalla Corte. She gave birth to her son at the age of 63 in Italy in 1994. Also, in Italy, super mom Signora Carmelina Fedele gave birth to the world’s largest newborn in 1955. He weighed in at 22 pounds and 8 ounces!

For the moms who understand the struggle of an overbooked schedule that never slows down, you have to have major respect for Mrs. Vassilyev of Russia. She birthed 69 children between the years 1725 and 1765- 69 children!

All these facts reiterate how resilient mothers are, and how every mom has a unique story that deserves to be celebrated. Let’s face it! What even is a traditional mother?

Moms are unique. What makes your mom unique helped mold you into the person you are. Your story may not be perfect, but it’s yours.

No matter who your mom is and where she falls under the umbrella of motherhood, our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO, are here to help Mother’s Day gifting go off without a hitch with personalized gifts to make mom feel special any time of the year. We’ll deliver these beautiful flower arrangements to mom the same day and straight to her door.

Leave no mom left unappreciated this Mother’s Day. We have extra special gift options for the mom (s) that mean so much to you!

2020 Interior Design Trends

Finding your perfect house is just the first step. It can be hard to make your new house feel like a home and not just a place where you sleep and eat. The easiest way to get this process going is to start nesting.

You want to feel comfortable and relaxed when you come home from a long day. Adding colors, patterns and trinkets that bring joy to your soul is an easy way to house feel homey. Don’t just take our word for it. The 2020 interior design trends confirm this theory.

Becoming One with Nature

It’s the year to embrace natural tones and defer away from the more distracting hues. Natural, earthy tones are particularly trendy. Don’t you worry though! That doesn’t mean you can’t introduce color into your décor. In fact, items in your house that have been kept neutral, like tiles and cabinetry, maybe the place to experiment with those different colors.

Shades of pink will be more common in 2020. If bubble gum pink isn’t your color, you have options. Soft peachy corals and terra cotta are staple colors in this year’s color palette. If yellow is your color of choice, golden yellows are embraced in fabrics, specifically velvets.

This idea of bringing yourself back to nature can be taken both figuratively and literally. Maybe you aren’t the kind of person who likes to rough it out in the woods and go camping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring nature home to you.

This year, bring in some house plants to freshen up your space. It’s a lovely addition to your décor and is beneficial to your overall wellbeing. Plants offer natural ways to include color into your interior design. Our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO, can help you revamp your house with the plants and florals you’ll need.

Designing Smarter not Harder

Going back to nature isn’t just about the colors you choose. Nowadays, it’s very common for people to be more mindful of the decisions they make that impact the world. Some choose to embrace the use of sustainably harvested materials. Some examples of sustainably harvested materials include acacia and rattan.

Acacia trees have been around for centuries and have been popular because of how sturdy and strong the wood is for building.

Rattan hasn’t been as popular as acacia trees, but that is changing. Rattan is used in a lot of outdoor furniture designs since it is wicker material. It is found more and more in homes today. Both materials are considered sustainable because they are in abundance. Once they are planted, they mature within a few years.

The idea of sustainability isn’t limited to how long a product will last physically. Sustainability also relates to style and what is trending for the time. Design and decor that can be easily manipulated without completely having to change are among the most popular interior design choices for 2020. If your home’s style can evolve with the time and not become irrelevant altogether, you are doing something right.

With this evolution, people will begin to lean more towards items that are of high quality. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Your home’s interior design is worth investing in, even if that means paying a little extra. If it lasts longer than its cheaper alternative, it will pay for itself in the end.

Putting the “You” in Unique

The most important tip you should take away from the 2020 interior design trends is to just be you. Whatever you feel fits your style best, go for it! Your home should be your sanctuary and should reflect your individuality. Follow your intuition this year and don’t let anybody stop you from making your home yours.

Embracing uniqueness is especially pertinent to overall décor, furniture and individual pieces for your home. Instead of getting items that have been mass-produced, people are looking to buy products that have a story and may even help tell theirs in their home. This can be found with local vendors, local artists and other local carpenters in your area. Your local florist may even be able to help.

This is just one reason why stores like Etsy have become so popular in the last couple of years. People want to support individuals instead of large corporations.

Don’t let your uniqueness be limited to just the paint you choose or the furniture you buy. Extend it to all aspects of your home, even rugs. Rugs aren’t just there for convenience. Rugs can become pieces of art for your home. Square, neutral rugs will become a thing of the past. Funky shapes and patterns are what is in style. Individuality can even be found in the material of the rugs you choose.

This is the year to let your true self shine. Express your individuality and make your house a home that you can be proud of. It’s a new year with new interior design trends, but it all boils down to what it is that expresses who you are and what you love.

2020 Prom Trends

It’s a new year with a new set of prom trends. Whether it is your first prom or your last, it is best to take on the night in style. If you are still deciding on what to wear to prom, these 2020 prom trends are here to help.

2020 Prom Dress Trends: Dressing for You

Choosing how to dress for prom can feel like an immense amount of pressure, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. It should be fun and an opportunity to dress your finest. Dressing for prom should always come back to dressing for you and what makes you feel your best.

However, if you are looking for design inspiration, 2020 prom trends offer an array of opportunities to embrace your unique style while remaining on-trend. Here are just a few of your options.

If you are all about style and comfort, 2020 is giving you exactly the prom trend you are looking for. Ladies, many times, this style even involves pockets! It’s not just prom season; it’s jumpsuit season.


That’s right! This beloved pants/dress combo has made its grand entrance into 2020 prom trends. These Top 5 Unique Prom Jumpsuits 2020 are of great inspiration because they incorporate not just one but several 2020 trends!

Metallic Colors & Sequins

It’s about going big or going home. Proms in 2020 is all about sparkle and pizzazz, the flashier, the better. Metallic and sequin prom dresses make just the statement you want on such a big night.

This One Shoulder Long Sleeve Prom Dress combines several 2020 prom trends. It’s one-shouldered, bold in color and has a base sequin style. Wear something like this, and you will have all eyes on you at prom.

Patterns and Cropped Styles

Two additional 2020 prom trends include animal print and cropped two-piece styles. This Two Piece Halter Prom Dress by Sherri Hill incorporates both these trends.

Stun your guests with a bold animal print for a roaring entrance, as they make a powerful statement. This, along with these other 2020 prom trends, proves that 2020 is the year to show up and show out in style.

It is all about showcasing you and what makes you feel the most comfortable, confident and beautiful. If any of these styles don’t fit into your school’s prom dress code, you can incorporate these trends in whatever way you choose.

For the prom-goers who are more interested in short prom dresses, consider choosing fun and bold shoes. It will give you the chance to embrace your style in a fun and spunky way.

If you are dead set on a classic prom, you can never go wrong with a red prom dress to showcase your bold personality. Pair it with some leopard print shoes to stay sophisticated and trendy!

You’ll thank us later.

Trending Prom Hairstyles

Say I do to your prom hairdo with these 2020 prom hairstyles!

It’s hairy business, finding the right prom hairstyle that fits your dress and your style. There are so many factors to consider. What color is your hair? How long is it? How will the cut affect your desired style?

All these factors come into play when considering these trending prom hairstyles. Curls are always going to be in for those elegant events, especially for proms. Tight ringlets, loose waves and enchanting curls all add a different touch to a prom hairstyle.

Among all these curly prom dos, there are some very prominent trends, seen consistently throughout styles. Braids being among the most evident.

Prom Hairstyles with Braids

Whether it is a long, down do with a French braid or a loose updo with a chain braid , braids are very much in with the 2020 prom hairstyle trends.

Additionally, waterfall braids are all the rage. They are beautifully incorporated into updos, but they have an even more enchanting effect on a down, curly hairstyle.

If you need some more convincing when it comes to your prom hairstyle, PROMGIRL gives some in-depth hairstyle tips for any head of hair for prom.

2020 Prom Flower Options

It’s a journey. High school is the end of one path onto a much larger one. While the complications differ, the journey can be treacherous.

With that in mind, prom is one opportunity in a young person’s life that allows them to step away from the day-to-day and into a rather euphoric night. It’s a step away from reality, and it allows any young person to feel their best.

Prom flowers are a traditional accessory to give a date for prom. They are found and incorporated in a variety of different ways. There are the more traditional prom flower wearables, such as the corsage and the boutonniere, and the more advanced and stylistic prom flower wearables, such as the flower crown, flower bow tie and other floral accessories that are worn as jewelry.

Individuality comes just as much into play when it comes to prom flowers as it does any other prom outfit choice.

Among the most popular prom flower choices for 2020 are reflections of these already prominent prom styles. In vibrant colors, all green designs, moody tones and polished looks, there is the inspiration for your prom flower looks.

Corsages and boutonnieres in 2020 are examples of the previously mentioned 2020 prom trends. Although the trends on prom wearables may change, the traditional approach to prom flowers remains steady. Our team of florists at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO, are here to help create just the flower bouquet for your prom date.

While the corsage and boutonniere are important to have in hand when you meet up with your prom date, go the extra step and bring them something extra special It will be something that they didn’t expect. We can coordinate your corsage and boutonniere with your date’s flower arrangement to ensure every prom accessory is a budding success and is trend forward in every way.

If you take nothing else out of prom night, be 100% authentically you. It’s your night. Embrace it.

Easter Baskets for Teenagers

Parents, it’s time to spring into action. We all know the Easter bunny brings treats to the kiddos around the world, but when it comes to our older children, some say they are best left out of the juvenile Easter traditions.

Yes, Easter is around the corner. Remember, it is no bunny’s business whether your family does Easter baskets for your teenagers or not, but if you do, boy do we have the teenage Easter basket inspiration for you.

It’s a one-sided conversation for many. What is it that you should buy your teenager for Easter? There are many people in the world who think Easter baskets are not for teenagers and young adolescents. While many are opposed, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the fun that comes with choosing Easter gifts for your teens.

What are the best gifts for teenagers for Easter? Compiling treats for Easter baskets for teens can be a fun and creative experience. With teenage years coming and going swiftly and ups and downs coming so abruptly, it is best to celebrate our teens whenever we can.

An Easter Basket that is “Funny and Useful”

If you are a little salty about giving your teenager an Easter gift basket because you think they are too grown, avoid the sweets and have fun with the schemes. You’ll find it funny. They may not, but hey, they still get an Easter basket that they so persistently requested.

Play dirty with a cleaning supply Easter basket. You’ll need a laundry basket for the base. What goes inside is completely up to you. If you feel this approach is a little too harsh, consider having a secondary Easter basket on hand as a sweet incentive.

When their room is clean and their chores are done, their Easter basket of goodies will be waiting on them. It puts the ball in their court. It is an Easter basket hunt. Once they make it to the end of their to-do list, they’ll find the Easter basket they desired on the other side.

An Easter Basket That Collects “All Their Favorite Things”

Creating your teen’s Easter basket can be a lot of fun too. Start from the basis of who your teen is and what they enjoy the most.

If your teenager loves makeup, use that as a source for inspiration. You know you’ll have to buy your teen more makeup soon anyway. Collect some of the essentials and assort them into a cute makeup carrying case. Throw in a couple of new items or a gift card if you are feeling extra generous.

The same applies to the sports-loving children of the world. If your teen needs a new baseball helmet, you can knock Easter out of the park. Make the helmet the base of a basket and add in some sunflower seeds, batting gloves, gum and some other must-haves to complete this homerun Easter look.

For the teens prepping for college, their ideal Easter basket is thrown together with ease. Collect some of their favorite junk foods, a few gift cards for groceries, for lunch and some comforting keepsakes for their dorm. A warm blanket, lotion, new socks and other simple tokens are bound to win them over and start gathering college supplies in the process.

An Easter Basket That Will Have Others “Green with Envy”

Among the most popular trends of the 21st century is the desire to go green. This trend has carried on through people’s clothing choices, daily habits, dietary decisions and overall resourcefulness.

This trend is particularly popular among our younger generations. Teens today are growing attached to this movement. With that in mind, you’ll find an Easter basket idea for your teen that is both good for the earth and will have others green with envy.

Your teen may have a green thumb or may just appreciate the ambiance plants and other florals bring. Either way, an Easter basket for the teen with a green theme is ideal. Among the more preferred gestures is receiving plants as gifts. Additionally, succulent gifts are among the most popular choice for natural décor in homes today. They are beautiful and trend-forward.

Your teen’s “green” Easter basket can consist of gardening tools and other useful essentials for remaining green. This is especially appropriate for the teen who appreciates the beauty in nature and all the benefits that come with caring for plants.

Our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO, are here to help with any floral or plant needs you may have this Easter. Easter gifts can be as diverse as the teens in our lives. That is why Easter flowers are always a beautiful option. Deciding what to get a teenager for Easter doesn’t have to be hard. Easter flowers can be personalized to fit your teen and everything they like. Let us help you create a beautiful gift for your teenager this Easter.

There is something special about sharing natural beauty with others. Easter flower delivery just makes it easier. Giving a green Easter basket to your teen will not only share the beauty that is life, but it will help instill responsibility and direction into their daily habits. It is a life lesson and an Easter gift wrapped into one. Anything worth having is worth taking care of, right?

With all these Easter baskets for teens in mind, you can customize them to fit who your teen is and what they like. It is always fun to add in some Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies for a festive touch. Whatever you decide, Easter baskets for teens are a must.

Easter Gifts You Can Send

Easter is a meaningful holiday, but not everyone can be present for it. It can be difficult to feel like you are a part of Easter celebrations with loved ones when you live too far away. However, that doesn’t mean the holiday needs to go by unobserved.

Easter is a holiday full of significance and symbolism for those who observe it. If you can’t be there for Easter, you can still send a little something to let them know you are thinking of them on this very special holiday. If you are uncertain of what gift to pick, we have a list of gifts that will get to them quick, and they are Easter Bunny approved!


From those who are still learning first words and what sounds accompany letters to those with fading sight necessitating thick glasses and large print, books can bring a new perspective and a glimpse of a different reality. The right story at the right time can bring light, hope and understanding.

There is no shortage of wonderful books on any topic, both online and in the store. Easter is no exception. Despite how important books are, they remain an inexpensive gift, but then again, you can’t put a price tag on learning.

For a new baby, board books are a great introduction to reading and stories. There is a delightful board book with beautiful illustrations designed for babies called, “My First Easter.” This is a very durable book explaining the traditions of family and sharing for Easter.

Another cute board book for little ones is called, “Easter” by Roger Priddy and is a Slide and Find Series book. There are 16 fun, interactive doors to open, Behind each door are Easter-related things like chicks, eggs and of course, bunnies.

For children over four years of age for whom religious stories are acceptable gifts, there is a book called, “The Easter Storybook: 40 Bible Stories Showing Who Jesus Is.”

This book brings Jesus into focus and tells the overall arching story of his entire life, making him more real and relatable. When you bring Jesus to life for children, Easter inevitably becomes more meaningful.

For a fun classic, The Berenstain Bears series by Mike Berenstain have several cute, illustrated books about Easter.

Another great book for religious households that is written in a way the whole family can enjoy is “The World Jesus Knew: A Curious Kid’s Guide to Life in the First Century.”

This book brings the world of Jesus to life through charts, maps, graphs, info on the culture of the time, occupations, religion and more. With beautiful illustrations, this book can bring the stories of Jesus to life for kids and adults.

For spiritual stories adults and children can read together on Easter, consider a book like “Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season.” This book includes a collection of classic and spiritual short stories that capture the meaning of Easter by famous authors like C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde to name a few.

For a woman who enjoys religious stories with intriguing female characters, look no further than “The Women of Easter: Encounter the Savior with Mary of Bethany, Mary of Nazareth, and Mary Magdalene.”

Any woman or even man who appreciates the stories about the life of Jesus will enjoy these coinciding stories about the women who were important in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.


When it comes to gifts for children, you can’t go wrong with toys. There are many cute and inexpensive options when it comes to toys with an Easter theme.

A classic and adorable plush toy can make a cherished gift that will be hugged long after Easter. There are Peter Rabbit plush toys in the recognizable little blue coat and the Velveteen Rabbit among other adorable stuffed bunnies with options for all age groups.

Plush ducks and lambs are also options if you fear the bunny may too closely relate to a gift someone else might be giving.

When it comes to Easter gifts for teenagers, plush animals can still be an option if you know what might spark interest. There are weird collectible plush toys called, “Fuglers” that have creepy teeth and funny bodies. There is a Rabid Rabbit one that will likely bring a smile to teenagers who mistakenly assume stuffed animals can’t be cool.

For teenagers who love animals and care about the environment, consider a plush toy that coincides with the symbolic donation in their name for an endangered species.

For smaller toys, Calico Critters make a cute rabbit family and have an abundance of accessories. Also, there are many options for little plastic eggs filled with fun toys like dinosaurs, trucks and animal finger puppets.

Hide and Squeak Eggs are a fun, educational gift for toddlers. Many young children are reluctant to take a bath, so getting them cute bath toys or even Easter soaps in fun shapes might be appreciated by both the child and parent.

Creative Crafts and Family Fun

LEGO has a holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit that the whole family can enjoy together. An Easter egg or Easter bunny puzzle is another way for the family to spend a relaxing time together.

For games this Easter, there is an Easter Bingo game and an Easter edition deck of cards for the family to have a good time playing classic games like Go Fish, Old Maid and Slap Jack.

For little ones, there are many options for toys with matching eggs to teach color recognition. There are also Easter-themed bath toys for the little ones.

There are craft kits for making Easter Bunny headbands and masks. Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny game can be fun for the whole family, and a Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs kit is a fun activity for fostering an appreciation for science as they excavate fossilized eggs of dinosaurs.

Other craft kits include egg-decorating, sand art and beading. To get the family active and outdoors, there is an Egg and Spoon Race game that will offer fun and activity long after Easter.

Any of these Easter gift options are a great way to encourage the family to spend time together, having a good time and enjoying each other.

Flowers for Easter

Living away, it can be difficult to know what Easter gift to buy. If you have waited until right before the holiday, you might have the additional concern of the gift not being delivered until after Easter has passed.

For a lovely last-minute Easter gift, flowers are a reminder of the fragile beauty of life, and they are a beloved representation of spring. Flowers in pastel colors or bright, fun colors are a perfect spring gift. Many people love receiving tulips and daisies, as they are a symbol of spring.

For a meaningful Easter bloom, white lilies are the traditional Easter flower. They represent love, hope and resurrection. Whichever flower you choose, you can feel confident knowing that receiving flowers makes people feel happy and loved.

If you would like to send someone you love some flowers this Easter, our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in SPRINGFIELD, MO, would be glad to create a beautiful Easter bouquet for your loved ones.

These gifts are all inexpensive and can be combined with flowers. The best part is that some of these gifts will encourage families to spend time together to delve into what Easter means. Whether you are thinking of a small child, a teenager, an adult or all the above this Easter, being thoughtful and sending a little something to make someone happy aligns with the spirit of the holiday.

February Facts: Things You May Not Know

February is often associated with Valentine’s Day, but there are also plenty of facts about February that you may not know. Facts you may be very interested in. February has its own birthstone, sign and so much more.

Fun Facts about February’s History

There is so much more to the month of February than Valentine’s Day celebrations.

February is the shortest month on the calendar, with just 28 days. Every four years, each leap year, February gains a day, going from 28 to 29 days.

As of 2001, February is also known for being the month of the Super Bowl. It is held on the first Sunday of February (I.e. Super Bowl Sunday). If you aren’t much of a sport’s fan but your significant other is, be patient, for the romance is near. Give your sport’s loving partner the first weekend of the month, and you’ll get to binge on rom coms on the second.

February is also “National Junk Food Month.” Binge on all the yummy snack food without all the guilt. What is Super Bowl Sunday without chips, dip and chicken wings? An additionally acceptable binge involves eating all those Valentine’s Day treats.

Among February’s more flashier facts are the sparkles that coincide with the month.

February’s Birthstone

February’s birthstone is the Amethyst. This purple gem has an intriguing and captivating look. However, the beauty of these gems goes deeper than its overall appearance. It is a symbol of deep love, happiness, sincerity, wealth and humility.

Once admired as the “Jewel of the Gods,” Amethysts are traditionally worn by Bishops/ Farmers. Understandably so, as Amethysts are believed to protect crops against hailstones and locusts.

This elegant gem is the official gemstone of Ontario and the official gem of Wednesday, Jupiter and people born with the sign of Pisces. Speaking of…

February Babies, Here’s Your Sign.

If you are born in February, your sign is either the Aquarius or the Pisces. These signs have similar characteristics but overall different personalities. Ironically enough, the two signs are often very compatible, romantically. Before we dive deep into what attracts the two signs, let’s learn more about them as individuals.

Anyone born between the 1st and the 18th of February fall under the Aquarius sign. This sign differs from many because it categorizes people on both ends of the spectrum. Some Aquarians are introverted and of quiet nature, while others are energetic and eccentric. They are a very progressive sign.

Aquarians pride themselves on honesty and intellect. Due to their strong intellect, Aquarians are prone to think outside of the box and work hard to find solutions to issues. They are free thinkers and are very independent. They do things their own way and are very openminded. They are prone to question theories and are always looking to learn something new.

February babies born between the 19th and the 28th fall under the Pisces sign. Pisces thrive on elevating others and their talents instead of focusing on people’s flaws. They are a more positive group. They like to keep things real and authentic, working hard to get to know a person’s personality before coming to any conclusion about them. They are among the least superficial signs.

It’s what is on the inside that counts. Pisces’ friendships often consist of sincere, quality people, as they are drawn to what is in a person’s heart. They are very emotional people, who always seek a deeper connection to the people they care about. Their highly vibrant personalities and low maintenance nature make them easy people to get along with.

The Aquarius and Pisces signs have many distinct differences. One is very strong-willed, while the other has a more sensitive soul. While their characteristics may vary, they often find common ground intellectually. If you and your partner share February as your birth month but have differing signs, don’t worry. You may just be a perfect fit for each other.

The Aquarius and Pisces signs differ, but they have a common middle ground that breeds very healthy relationships. Your differences may even help the two of you find peace in the other.

February’s Birth Flower

February babies, violet may not be your color, but it is your birth flower.

Violets are a bright purple flower, found in 500-600 species. These bold beauties can also be found in blues, whites, creams and even in multicolor blooms.

Violets are the state flower of Rhode Island, Illinois and New Jersey. They are asymmetric. They consist of five heart-shaped petals. This makes them even more ideal to represent the month that houses Valentine’s Day.

One interesting fact about violets is that they contain both the male and female floral reproductive organs. This allows some species of flowers to self-pollinate, while others still need insects to pollinate.

They look so good you could eat them, literally. Violets are used in a variety of savory dishes. They are of great use when it comes to making sweet garnishes. Funny enough, they are nutritious too. They are loaded with Vitamin C. They have even more than most vegetables. Vitamin C is good for the immune system and a person’s overall health.

Additionally, the violet flower has a beautiful fragrance that is envied by many. It is often used in perfumes, lotions and oils. All ideal gifts to give for Valentine’s Day.

If you are interested in taking some violets home or sending some to a person you love, talk with our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in SPRINGFIELD, MO, . We even offer same-day delivery. Share the love and the beauty of violets for someone’s February birthday. It is a fun and meaningful gift that any February baby is bound to appreciate.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Long Distance Relationships

Love knows no distance, especially in an online dating world. If you are looking for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other who lives miles away, consider your gift delivery options. In a world full of the here and now, no holiday needs to go uncelebrated.

Whether you’re in a long-distant relationship or your significant other is out of town for Valentine’s Day, there is no need to let the holiday go by without acknowledgment. Valentine’s Day is the holiday that celebrates love, in all forms. Of course, celebrating miles apart is not ideal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overlooked.

Love Knows No Distance.

In the tech-savvy world we live in, many struggles can be overcome at the click of a button. Online dating is just one example. Juggling work life and social life is a struggle in and of itself. The online dating world has confirmed the notion that love knows no distance and has no limitations. It has minimized all the obstacles that come from distance.

Although the bridge for communication is made easier, that doesn’t mean the discouragement and loneliness isn’t still there. Nothing can quite mimic the emotion that comes from physical touch and the feeling of your significant other’s presence near you.

There must be a unique level of dedication and communication practiced by couples who are in long-distance relationships. It takes calling despite the time difference and staying up to make those Skype calls. It is learning to prioritize your time together and being okay with juggling your two worlds.

If you aren’t long-distance, but the time is approaching where you will be, it is important to not solely focus on what the relationship will be like separated. You must have the foundation set beforehand. Don’t place too much emphasis on keeping constant communication. It makes you reliant, so when one of you is busy and can’t talk, it can be problematic.

It is important to try and talk at least once a day. Don’t feel as though you have to talk to each other 12 hours daily in order to maintain a healthy relationship. In fact, the healthiest relationships consist of two independent people who want to spend time together but aren’t reliant on constant contact. There is a healthy balance.

When you find this balance, it makes long-distance relationships doable. This includes the harder tasks like celebrating holidays with someone who isn’t physically with you.

Ways to Keep the Holiday Special

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. It is every couples’ excuse to dress up, go out and treat the person or people they care about most. Some people love Valentine’s Day. Some people love to hate Valentine’s Day. Regardless, it draws strong emotions.

For those who are sour to the subject of Valentine’s Day traditions because they struggle with the concept of romance, understand there are no rules. Asking someone to be your valentine doesn’t have to be a simple “check yes or no” on a hand-written love note. It is a new era with a very new way of doing things. This means holiday traditions are made more personal, and nothing has to be one set way.

Valentine’s Day can be made special in so many ways. In a long-term relationship, this is done most effectively by staying on the same page. Due to possible interferences, it is important to discuss plans ahead of time.

Dates over Facetime and Skype are not uncommon in this day in age. Although its convenience is ideal for long-distance dating, it only works when each person is on the same page. One sweet and ideal surprise is having their favorite food delivered to them via food delivery service. This way, you can treat your sweetie to dinner and share it in good company.

This is just one example of how to make her feel special this Valentine’s Day when in a long-distance relationship, but every gesture has the same desire backing it. It’s the desire to celebrate the lady who is so special to you.

How to Celebrate Someone Who Isn’t with You

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at a distance- it may have never been something you thought you would have to deal with. Whether it is your first Valentine’s Day apart or you’re both familiar with celebrating solo, there are some easy-to-apply tips for making long-distance relationships and long-distance holidays meaningful.

Celebrating the woman you love can seem like a daunting task. You have to try to avoid being generic, include romance and personalize her Valentine’s Day surprises all at the same time. Celebrating your significant other can be done any day leading up to February 14th and every day after. You aren’t limited to the holiday itself.

Write love letters, send spontaneous texts and call just to say you love her. Reminding your significant other she is cared for is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Date night doesn’t have to end with a Skype dinner date. Watch a movie together. Laugh together, as you reflect on childhood memories. Exchange childhood photos along with some of your partner’s favorite things (i.e. treats, fuzzy socks, romcoms, etc.). It’s those little gestures that matter most, and it’s in moments like these that she falls deeper in love with you and you with her.

She just wants to know she is thought of. She wants to know you find her beautiful. She wants to know that you took the time to surprise her with a gift. All she wants is to know you are willing to put in the effort to make things work. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. It just has to come from the heart. That’s you. You are her heart.

Gift delivery is not a rising trend. It is the here and now. More and more people result to gift delivery on the day-to-day than ever before. It is used for any and every occasion. It is not reserved for long-distant family members or significant others. Most people have participated in gift delivery at least once and are bound to use it again. Valentine’s Day gifts are no exception.

We live in a world of convenience. Everything is faster, easier and more convenient. With the click of a button, your voice can travel miles… just like your gift.

Gifts You Can Send Her that She’ll Love

All she truly wants is your time and attention but sending something pretty helps. Sending something beautiful gives her an idea of the beauty that you see in her. Flowers are often a popular option, specifically for Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are one of the many gifts you can have delivered for Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. Their popularity stems from their ability to convey meaning and deliver a message despite any distance. Having flowers delivered to her doorstep this Valentine’s Day will help freeze that moment in time. At that moment, she forgets about the miles that separate you, and she’ll reflect on what keeps you both connected.

That’s love.

Among the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers are roses. They are the symbol of romance. This bold bud can take the strong emotion associated with romance with it wherever it goes. It exudes a fragrance that attracts like pheromones and draws the eye like your lover’s attraction towards you. It’s among the most powerful gift that nature grows for us that florists deliver to us.

Our team of Valentine’s Day experts at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO, is here to help with any specific questions you may have about Valentine’s Day flowers and other complementary gifts to send. Florists are there to help travel the distance when you can’t. Check with the local florists in your significant other’s area to see who can deliver to them.

Those Valentine’s Day favorites like roses and lilies are best ordered ahead of time to ensure she gets that beautiful gift on time. Specific orders should be made with adequate notice, as this is an important time of the year for couples everywhere.

Make the moments matter and show her that no distance will separate the connection you two share. Remind her that she is worth every mile when planning out what you are doing to make your long-distance Valentine’s Day special.