Gifts for New Parents

There is no excitement that is truly comparable to the anticipation of new life. New parents holding their pure, innocent child is the deepest expression of love. When gifted with a child, life becomes more meaningful, and nothing else will ever feel as important as taking care of this part of you.

Before you can decipher what gift would be the most appropriate to the couple it will be given to, consider when and where it is given. Is it a baby shower gift, or is it a special delivery following THE delivery?

Gifts for new parents can come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in many forms. Due to the growing number of gifting options, finding the right gift for new parents is more complicated and more convenient than ever. There are many more choices to filter through, but most of these choices have delivery included, so that makes the job a little easier.

If you are a new parent, aren’t a parent yet or are just not sure what is an appropriate gift for new parents now, look no further. The inspiration you need when looking for what gifts to give new parents is here.

A Bundle of Joy

For the new parents who are quite sure what to expect, know no amount of new parent self-help books are truly enough to compare to the first-hand experience. No book can prepare you enough for the sleep deprivation or the amount of diapers one baby can go through. You hear about it, but it doesn’t sink in until the reality of that new bundle of joy is here.

The new mom may appreciate something just for her. A basket with some treats she has been craving or some wine after those long months may be just what she needs. Check with the expectant mom. See what she may want or may feel in dire need of. It is important to check first to ensure everything is appropriately chosen.

The best gifts for new parents, specifically new moms, are the gifts that make them feel like themselves. There is a lot that comes with being a new mom and recovery takes some time. A new, comfortable set of pajamas and a weighted blanket may be exactly what she needs to bundle up and get the most out of her “nap” time.

With every new bundle of joy comes with him/her a set of ups and downs. Every child is different. They sleep different, eat differently and cry a little different. It helps to get advice from people who have been there before you. However, all new parents truly need is the gift of togetherness.

Remind your friends, who are new parents, that it is ok that you haven’t hung out or talked in a while. With a new bundle of joy comes a new set of priorities. Show them you understand. Give them the gift of your time. Have dinner delivered to them. Meal prepping gets a whole lot harder when you can barely keep your eyes open and are hovering over a little one at every moment of the day.

If your new mom friend sounds stressed and you are close in proximity, offer to bring lunch and help clean the kitchen. Give her time to get a shower and take a nap, and she will start to feel like herself again. It’s a gift that doesn’t take a lot, but it will mean the world.

When momma’s happy, everyone is happy. This specifically pertains to new moms. Her mood and overall health affect her new bundle of joy because they are a package deal.

A Package Deal

It’s a package deal. Parents of new babies gain new expectations out of life. Everything they do not only has consequences for them but also for their baby. That being said, if it can help with the baby, it’s the perfect gift for new parents. Speaking of a package deal, delivery services are gifts that keep on giving and right to their door.

Time is fleeting, and patience is wearing thin. Help the new parents with a cleaning subscription service. Cleaning professionals will come to their home and help with the extra tasks they haven’t been able to get to. You may not be there to help in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. Be sure to let the parents schedule the services for themselves. Having a cleaning service show up unannounced is a recipe for disaster.

Sitting down and eating dinner seems impossible with a new baby. Let alone shopping for the food to cook. Food delivery or grocery delivery services relieve some of that stress. The new mom or dad can sort through an app or order through a website to ensure their breakfast, lunch and dinner are accounted for, not just their baby’s. New parents need to eat too!

An Amazon Prime membership is another practical gift to give new parents. Buying them a year membership can help them immensely when it comes to minimizing the day-to-day and week-to-week home inventory runs. Things like diapers, wipes and formula are there any time they need them. It’s nearly as quick and easy as our flower arrangement hospital deliveries.

A Hospital Delivery

It’s an entirely new world for first-time parents. Taking on the responsibility of raising a new life is nothing to overlook. It is one of the most important jobs to ever be assigned. You are not just raising your namesake. You are also raising the next generation of people who will be running the world.

Along with this new responsibility is a new wave of emotional and physical strain. It can wear on you. Having to take on those first crucial bonding days in an unfamiliar place with doctors and nurses doesn’t ease the struggle.

Our team at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO, are here to make any hospital (or home) delivery a little easier. While subscription services are useful gifts for new parents, flower delivery is available the same day and can be personalized your way for the recipient.

Every new mom, new dad and new parent deserves to be celebrated on such a special occasion. There are a variety of different options to choose from. We want to make your gift for the new parents in your life special and personalized to your recipient.

There are many approaches to gift and flower delivery for new babies or new parents. You can go with a gender-specific flower arrangement (all pink or all blue) when sending new baby flowers, or you can opt for a birthday arrangement. It is their only actual BIRTH-day, after all. There are so many options for flowers to send to new parents. It all boils down to talking with your local florist about what you are wanting to send.

Be specific with your floral choices to meet the new parent’s style, the new mom’s preference or go with a more meaningful style that is personal to the message you are looking to send.

A Signed Message

It’s all signed, sealed and delivered. It’s yours. It’s your gift to give. It’s your message to send.

Many new parents refrain from having a multitude of guests visit the newborn for the first few weeks. This could be due to the desire to hoard those critical first days of bonding or to isolate the baby from excess germs for his/her first few days.

Regardless, it is important to respect every new parents’ wishes regarding their baby. It’s important to remember that even when you can’t be there physically, you can always be there through a kind and encouraging message or a thought-out gesture.

Flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and additional deliveries to the hospital are a way of saying how proud you are for the new parents and are appropriate new baby gifts. Each delivery can be customized for the new parents. This includes a signed card message with your best wishes.

Being a new parent is scary, and no one can truly prepare you for what is to come. It takes a lot of sleepless nights, doctor’s office visits and long talks with your loved ones. However, there is no reason why a new parent should face this new adventure alone.

Let our gifts for new parents help give you the comfort of being there when it is needed most. One small act of kindness can mean the world to someone, especially new parents. Talk with us about your options today.

Holiday Flowers that Aren’t Poinsettias

Give your poinsettias and Christmas tree some company because they aren’t the only plants and trees worthy of coinciding with Christmas. Bring more beauty to your holiday scene, beyond the usual red and green.

Even if you are smitten with tradition and have your heart set on poinsettias, there are plenty of other flower and plant possibilities that are worthy of consideration this holiday season. Channel the beauty of winter in its many forms. Whether your style is cozy and charming or edgy and eclectic, we have the flowers, plants and trees to let you channel the holiday spirit in gorgeous and unexpected ways.

Berry Christmas

Beautiful and versatile, berries add a wintery feel to a room. With a range of colors, shapes and sizes, berries are a charming way to add a rustic or even eclectic look to your holiday decorations.

Cedar berries have a woodsy aroma, and the blue-grey color of these berries gives them a wintery appearance. Hypericum berries come in a wide array of colors, have a pleasant oval shape and seamlessly mesh with a variety of styles.

Dark-hued berries look like winter without fading into the surrounding white typical of winter. Viburnum berries add a deep, vibrant color to arrangements and winter decorations. They are available in bold colors including red, green and indigo. Elderberries are another dark-hued berry. They add enough interest to catapult your holiday greenery into picture-worthy displays by lending noticeable texture and color to any scene.

For a beautifully breathtaking winter scene, tallow berries know no bounds. Their subtle size and long branches make them a definitive addition to winter decorations in a way that manages to be festive and free-spirited.

Privet berries have a dark blue color that is almost black in appearance. These berries can create brilliant contrast with the white scenery of winter.

Easy Being Green with Evergreens, Ferns, Moss and Firs

There are many ways to bring an earthy texture and winter atmosphere to your home. Ferns add green and cleanse the air. Frosty ferns have grown in popularity during the holidays because their white-tipped leaves look like they are covered in frost. Interesting fact, the frosty fern is not a fern. The frosty fern is a type of spike moss, and the tips of the leaves get brighter in the winter.

Ferns are a great alternative to some of the other holiday greenery because they are easy to keep and won’t dry out before the holidays. A couple of ferns to consider are the compact Boston fern and the holly fern.

The compact Boston fern grows in a draping pattern and tolerates low light indoors better than other varieties. It will brighten your home long after the holiday ends. The holly fern is another long-lasting fern that has a definite holiday appeal. It’s dark green fronds and holly-shaped leaflets make it a beautiful addition to holiday decorations.

From centerpieces and Christmas trees to wreaths and garlands, evergreens and their cuttings create beautiful greenery for the holidays. For some interesting contrast, consider juniper. Some varieties of this evergreen have clusters of blueberries, which are mini pinecones.

Juniper bushes are long-lived and can flourish indoors. Colors come in a wide range including intense green, blue-gray and light yellow.

The most common Christmas tree varieties are firs, pines, cedar and spruce trees, but trees can decorate the indoors, even when they aren’t the large, Christmas tree variety. Dwarf Alberta spruce trees handle life in containers indoors well.

Jolly Hydrangea

Hydrangea flowers bloom all year and grow in a big, round cluster. These flowerheads look like a puffy snowball and are gorgeous when placed among the greenery of winter. From stark white to cream, hydrangeas are easy to incorporate into holiday decorations. Just one stem has the appearance of a beautiful bouquet.

Christmas Cactus

Just in time to brighten up the holiday, the Christmas cactus is appropriately named. This plant features hanging branches that can grow up to three feet, and the flowers appear at the tips in colors of red, white, yellow, pink or purple.

Like the poinsettia, this plant requires special care including prolonged darkness of at least 12 hours each day for months before it gives its light by blooming. Unexpected and beautiful, the unique appearance and of course, the name of the Christmas cactus makes it a beautiful addition to holiday décor and a wonderful gift.

Gifts Like Rosemary and the Christmas Rose

Although not as well-known as some plants for the holidays, rosemary has a fresh, pine scent. It is an herb that is very fragrant. Rosemary is a great way to season dishes, improve digestion and increase circulation. Along with those fine qualities, the herb repels a variety of unwelcome insects like mosquitos and flies.

Rosemary can grow in containers, and some are sold shaped like mini Christmas trees. With its winter holiday plant appearance and worthwhile attributes, rosemary is another one of the new favorite plants for the holiday season and can sometimes even be found in the form of a wreath.

If you are not concerned with a holiday plant’s usefulness but want a gift with a charming background story, consider the Christmas rose. One of the best holiday flowers that doesn’t have the fame of the poinsettia yet shares a similar story, the Christmas rose isn’t a rose at all.

The Christmas rose is an evergreen flowering plant in the buttercup family. The legend states that a young shepherdess was tending her sheep when the wise men passed by with gifts for the baby Jesus. Feeling upset that she had no gift, she wept. An angel appeared, brushed aside some snow to reveal a gift for the newly born baby Jesus, the beautiful Christmas rose.

The story is charming and captures the meaning of the holiday spirit, so why not give this plant a place in your home or give it to someone as a gift?

Toe the Line with Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a classic plant that is typically hung at the top of doorways to entice people to kiss. This practice has been going on for centuries, and legend states that to refuse a smooch will lead to bad luck.

If you aren’t in the habit of getting people to lock lips, mistletoe can still create lovely holiday decorations and bulk up arrangements, garlands and wreaths.

White Christmas Chrysanthemums

White chrysanthemums are a beautiful accent for the holidays. They can be paired with any of the other flowers and plants on this list to create a stunning arrangement.

Pretty Paperwhites

For a bright white flower that grows easily and brightens without detracting from a winter theme, seasonal paperwhites are a great option. Part of the daffodil family, these flowers don’t even need soil to grow.

These flowers can be placed with your moss and other greenery decorations or a tray of rocks and water to be part of your interior through the holidays and beyond.

Let it Grow! Let it Grow! Let it Grow!

Depending on where you live, winter is experienced differently from one location to the next. By bringing winter into your home, you can capture the holiday spirit no matter where you live. These plants and flowers are just a few options. The world of plants and flowers is vast, so you can always expand on these ideas.

If you like these holiday suggestions or if you have some ideas of your own, our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO would be delighted to discuss flowers and plants with you. We want to help make your home a holiday haven.

How to Choose a Gift Basket for Your Boss or Coworkers

The right gift can strengthen a bond that already exists or even turn an acquaintance into a friend. A gift has the power to make someone feel appreciated, and the happy feelings a thoughtful gift can inspire will lead to positivity that can go far beyond the initial recipient. The happiness a thoughtful workplace gift can bring is contagious, and that happiness can boost morale and increase productivity for everyone.

Why We Give

The best gifts are gestures of appreciation given with sincere intentions. A thoughtful gift can communicate understanding and affection. The right gift can give someone the feeling that he or she is understood and well-liked by others.

Human beings have always given gifts. Gifts are a natural part of building and maintaining human relationships and bonds.

If you are hesitant to give gifts, you might want to reconsider. When we give, we also give to ourselves because the act of giving results in us having positive feelings regarding the gift recipient and ourselves. Giving makes us feel more connected with others, and as a result, we feel positive toward ourselves. When we give, we also receive!

When it comes to gifts in the workplace, think about the dynamic of your place of work. Do your colleagues give presents to coworkers and bosses? If not, talk to your boss and coworkers to see how receptive they are about giving small gifts. Let them know how beneficial such a small gesture could be.

Large companies employing many workers may be unable to do a normal holiday gift exchange where everyone gives and receives from one another individually. When there are too many people to buy for, a gift exchange game can help divide up the load and ensure every participant gets a gift.

Why We Give to Bosses

There are different kinds of bosses, but the best bosses do the job without expecting anything in return. A good boss is hardworking and inspiring, and a great boss knows how to bring out the best in each employee. If this sounds like your boss, consider giving a small gift to let him or her know that you are grateful for the guidance and patience given to you and your coworkers.

You may decide that a holiday like Christmas is a good time to get a gift for your boss. Your boss’s birthday is another opportunity to get a little something to say thanks.

You may also decide that there is no time like the present and give a gift on a day of no importance. Sometimes the best gifts are spontaneous and unplanned.

When you have a close relationship with your boss, you may want to give a gift that is more personal from you and no one else. If that is the case, it is probably best to give the gift outside of the work setting. If you and your boss are close enough to know one another’s address, you can send the gift directly to your boss with a personal note.

If you and your boss do not have a relationship outside of work, it is a good idea to give something that is not too personal or extravagant. Another idea is to gather all the employees together to discuss getting a gift as a group. Each employee gives a small amount of money and agrees to all purchase a gift to collectively show your boss how much you all appreciate him or her.

Whether you want to give your boss a present as a group or if you want a personal gift, a gift basket is a great way to give your boss an enjoyable gift that consists of multiple gifts in one pretty basket. Even better, there are gift baskets to appeal to different tastes and preferences. Gift baskets can be conveniently delivered to your boss’s home or the office.

Why We Give to Coworkers

We spend an abundance of time with coworkers. Making those work relationships as pleasant as possible can make your time at work more enjoyable. Celebrating birthdays and other special occasions with your colleagues can create a sense of camaraderie in the workplace.

Similar rules apply to coworkers when it comes to gifts. If you have a close friendship with your coworker and want to give an individual gift, it may be best to give the gift away from work, especially if you do not exchange gifts with other coworkers. Being sensitive in that situation can eliminate any tension or hurt feelings.

The more you know about people, the easier it is to pick out a gift. Take this opportunity to get to know your coworker. Find out what he or she likes. You may not even have to ask. Sometimes simple observation can give you a lot of insight.

When giving gifts to bosses or coworkers, avoid giving any gifts that could be construed as too personal, inappropriate or embarrassing. Negativity associated with a gift can diminish the kindness of the act.

If you need any help deciding what gift may be appropriate for your boss or coworkers, reach out to our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO , and we will be glad to create a memorable and appropriate gift basket for any workplace or occasion.

Why Group Giving is Good

Gift-giving can be a daunting prospect. We may analyze what a gift might mean to the point that the small gesture soon feels overwhelming. Giving as a group can alleviate that stress, and at the same time, giving as a group can bring everyone together.

Coworkers and bosses are people who might not share many interests outside the workplace. However, for work to be a pleasant experience, we should all do our best to be as considerate as possible with one another.

Doing something as a group, even something as simple as pooling your resources to buy a small gift for a boss or coworker, can bring everyone together and make everyone feel as if they belong and are part of the team.

Even if the gift is for someone that you don’t necessarily regard as a friend, doing something nice and taking part in the group activity will be rewarding. Getting along with your coworkers and treating them the way you want to be treated will be incredibly beneficial. Developing positive and healthy relationships with bosses and coworkers can even make being at work feel a little less like work.

Why Not a Gift Basket?

If you want a gift to be luxurious, lasting and presented in a charming, delightful display, a gift basket fits all the requirements. With a gift basket, a person gets multiple gifts in one pleasant package. There are endless gift basket options of sweets and treats to tickle anyone’s fancy.

Some gift baskets have chocolate, cookies or other sweet treats. Other gift baskets are meat and cheese gourmet greats. There are gift baskets for wine enthusiasts, people who want to be pampered and those who love fruit. Did you know there are also gift baskets that can be made for certain special occasions like new baby births?

Our florists are always happy to discuss gift basket options, both in-person and online or on the phone. We thoroughly enjoy putting together the perfect gift basket for your boss, coworker or anyone else who might appreciate a gift.

We never know what others may be going through away from the workplace. A kind gesture given at the right time can mean more than we realize. For a special occasion, holiday or to cheer up a boss or a coworker when he or she needs it, a gift basket is a great gift option.

Creative Halloween Decor

Whether your style is less is more, more is more or somewhere in between, let creativity be your guide when decorating for this Halloween.

What Does Halloween Mean?

For many people, Halloween presents an opportunity to tap into the terrifying, take a walk on the wild side or just create a killer costume or exciting experience. No matter what your goal is on Halloween, the holiday presents the perfect opportunity for creativity and fun.

Halloween is one of those holidays where you are free to express yourself in an exaggerated way without being judged. Look for inspiration from your favorite scary films, books or even music. If you plan to host a Halloween gathering, deciding on a theme can help you choose how to create the Halloween scene of your dreams.

This year, there are some stylish and unique Halloween trends as well as some traditional options that will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Whether you want to decorate indoors to simply get into the spirit, decorate to elevate a Halloween party or if you want to create an outdoor graveyard or haunted house to tempt and trick the trick-or-treaters, there are tons of ways to not just get your point across but also be a Halloween boss.

Depending on What Is Trending

This Halloween, the trends are all about chic and but still about shriek with a focus on styles that can be spooky or scary but with a more mature, edgy and sometimes industrial appeal.

Top categories for stylish Halloween décor are industrial and modern twists on old classics, Hollywood true-crime films, the magical, mystical and superstitious and lastly, contemporary yet creepy black and white.

Industrial Halloween Scene

Halloween searches are trending toward industrial style with popular searches for items like concrete, steel, copper and metal.

For industrial style, look for skulls and other typical Halloween symbols like pumpkins and spiders made of unusual materials like concrete as well as chic galvanized metal signs and decorations, industrial gauges, chains, steampunk pumpkins and cast-iron pots and furniture.

Think about it, abandoned warehouses are scary as is, and some of the best haunted houses are set in warehouses. Recreating a warehouse atmosphere could be as simple as a large empty space, chains, tools and some fake blood.

A Good Time with Hollywood True-Crime

Although humanity has always held a grim fascination with true-crime, it is best to stick to fictional characters to avoid offending anyone. Using photos of actual murderers or their artwork diminishes the magnitude of the crimes and the sorrow of those who have lost loved ones in such a tragic way. Luckily, Hollywood has no shortage of terrifying make-believe true-crime characters.

To truly celebrate Hollywood’s true-crime films in style, fake blood, eyeballs and skulls can be combined with pictures of Patrick Bateman from the film American Psycho, or for an even darker, more traditionally frightening figure, there are pictures of Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs. To give it a more supernatural spin, Pennywise from Stephen King’s It can even be found as a wreath for the door, and there are Sleepy Hollow Inn and Bates motel signs you can buy or make.

Halloween Fun and Fortunes

For the more fantastic and magical Halloween, there are Ouija board signs, ravens and crows, white barn owl figures, bottles with tarot cards, signs for fortune-tellers, unicorn statues, gargoyles and gorgeous spell books filled with blood read flowers, you can purchase to coincide with a spellbinding Halloween display indoors.

Some other choices for the magical and mystical are potion bottles, vintage amulets, dream catchers and twisty magic mushrooms, and the best part is that if you like these items already, they don’t have to be limited to Halloween. Who doesn’t need a little more magic in their everyday lives?

Black and White Done Right

If you want more stylish Halloween swag, consider decorating in a black and white motif, which is very straightforward considering some easy Halloween décor in black could be cauldrons, spiders, black cats, bats and crows. Combine those with some white pumpkins, skulls, ghosts and some white jack-o-lanterns for a trendy yet terrifying display.

DIY That Won’t Make You Cry

Like the old saying goes, some people believe that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, but others can be shy when it comes to DIY. Luckily, DIY can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

If you want a simple DIY, consider painting your pumpkins an off-white color to blend with any décor, or you can opt to paint them with textured metallics to add interest.

For an even more spellbinding display, paint some pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark paint to light the way to your Halloween holiday fun.

Milk jugs or large water jugs can be repurposed into ghosts, pumpkins and other scary characters with a sharpie marker, some paint, a knife, rocks (to keep them from falling over) and a string of lights.

Latex gloves can be filled with Halloween treats as party favors. To make them part of your Halloween décor, fill them with flour mixed with enough water to make it pliable yet firm enough to be able to hold its shape. You can attach them to the wall or place them on tables. Severed hands can go wherever you would like to frighten someone.

Take apples and hollow them out like a jack-o-lantern and use tea lights to illuminate them. You can even take a lemon to rub on the edges to prevent the apple from browning.

A bundle of upside-down butternut squashes can be made into skulls the same way that pumpkins can be carved. Dangle them in doorways or even at the front door.

To make everyone wonder if you have a body to dispose of, simply take some garbage bags, fill them with newspaper to make the shape of a human head and body and combine the body parts with duct tape.

Décor that Won’t Bore

To add color without compromising on ghoulishness or fright, adding florals and/or greenery is an option. Crawling vines and ivy, florals in darker, more ominous colors, overflowing ferns and venus flytraps can complete most Halloween looks and add that special spark of color and life to your scary display.

There are many beautiful flowers in deep purple or orange colors that can capture the mood of the season. To coincide with a Halloween theme, the arrangement’s container can add a little something scary when it has a skull or witch theme. If you aren’t as into creepy but still want to celebrate the season, try a fall-inspired arrangement incorporating pumpkin shapes and colors.

If you would like to add some flowers or green to your Halloween scene, let our florists at Flowerama of Springfield in Springfield, MO help you select the perfect arrangement to suit your Halloween style.

Halloween décor has come a long way and can be as simple or extravagant as you want. There are life-size witches, ghosts, dragons, silhouettes of witches and cats and even tombstones that look real enough to make your neighbors wonder.

Props are sure to deliver scares when they are animated, and the options are practically unlimited. There are animated zombies who moan while their heads spin, animated mirrors, crawling hands, bats that swing and haunted cameras, typewriters and books.

For an easy life-size prop that you don’t have to purchase, use wooden tomato stakes to give your creation structure, add shirts and pants stuffed with straw then top with jack-o-lanterns to create a scare-crow-style couple. They can sit together in rocking chairs or stand side-by-side in pails of sand waiting to scare trick-or-treaters.

Light the Way.

Lighting options for Halloween can be artsy or elaborate. For more decadent décor, choose understated hanging lights, pre-lit garland or broomstick markers, but for more flamboyant displays, consider creepy hands holding lanterns or bright neon signs.

Instead of traditional candles, there are realistic and rechargeable battery-operated candles that can be used for your Halloween decorations, which gives you endless options for creative lighting without the danger that candles present, especially when used indoors.

Décor for Your Door

For an easy yet creepy wreath, get some plastic snakes and a plain grapevine wreath. Start with the largest snakes and wind them through the wreath. Use glue to attach the snakes if necessary and add as many snakes as you can.

If you want a ready-made creepy wreath, there are plenty of wreaths adorned with skulls available in stores and online. To make your door look like it might be a doorway to Halloween heaven, consider skeletons flanked with florals attached to your door and eerie urn-shaped vases with dark florals and ferns to go on either side.

Crows, pre-lit skulls, jack-o-lanterns and plastic spiders can all be lovingly arranged for a dark and foreboding doorway and gravestones can be placed around the walkway to the front door.

Consider a sign that says, “Keep Out” if you want to go all out with your door. Cardboard can be cut to look like wooden slats. Paint “Keep Out” across one of the cardboard slats and glue bolts on all four corners to make it look like wood. Tape these cardboard slats to your door to turn your house into a creepy haunted house with very little effort on your part. Stretch some spiderwebs across to make it Adams-family-ready.

To give trick-or-treaters a good fright, an animated eyeball doorbell might be right up your alley. The eyeball glows and moves as guests are greeted with maniacal laughter and one of the greetings, “Welcome,” “Good Evening,” “Enter at your own risk” or “You rang.”

Even though the beginnings of Halloween consisted of the belief that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead was lifted, the holiday has become more lighthearted and fun.

Studies have shown that decorating can lift your mood. Your Halloween décor may not lift the veil between worlds or attract any real-life spirits, but if it can lift your spirits, why not go for it? When it comes to décor, there are tons of ways to commune with your spiritual side and express yourself. Take a test drive with your dark side this Halloween, and if you need help navigating, let your creativity be your guide.